Just a chicken playing an operatic aria on a piano keyboard

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America’s Got Pavlovian Conditioning


So does anyone know why chickens and other birds can’t move in a fluid motion. It’s always like quick, jerky, extreme movements. They can’t slowly turn their heads, they go from point A to point B in a moment.

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Are they movement blind? Can they only see while stationary, so it is better to move rapidly between fixed positions?

So thats what you call…
Fowl play.

Thank you, thank you, I´ll see myself out.


For some inexplicable reason I prefer Callas’ version…


Now that is a wonderful thing.

Never! Tebaldi forever!

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America’s Got Talented Poultry


That’s a very special chicken. You want to don’t eat that one all at once.


I’m 100% certain that this isn’t the correct answer to your question, but the movement patterns that you’re describing sound a lot like the movement restrictions in the VR version of Doom. Instead of walking from point to point, you do some kind of quick jump / teleport kind of thing. Rotation (as controlled by the thumbstick) happens in large discrete increments.

Everything in the game is

Apparently it’s a way to avoid giving people motion sickness.

Now, as for the keyboarding style, I’d call that “hunting and pecking”.


Interesting question. I think from an efficiency perspective, once the brain decides on a movement it makes sense to execute it quickly and without delay, assuming there are no downsides like higher energy cost or whatnot. So the question is why do we do it slowly. Probably because we have larger brains and heavier heads. Inertia becomes a factor and sudden movements exert more strain on anatomy. That’s my guess anyway.

Nice to see somebody else isn´t too chicken for some good oldfashioned puns.

Now teach it A Cruel Angels Thesis. I want to see which cover is better the chickens or Cat Piano

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You’ve never watched owls, eh?

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I’m not exactly sure why, but I had to watch that whole thing. I love that song no matter how much I despise Shinji.

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