Mousetrap vs. hot dog


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(-1 too evocative.)


Well, this totally just made me rethink my plans for Saturday night…


Yikes, yes. Make sure it’s the correct type of weiner.


I seem to remember a scene similar to this in the movie “Sick: the Life and Death of Bob Flanagan, Supermasochist.”


Great - now you’ve got TWO hotdogs.


These are RAT traps. Mouse traps are much smaller. Think 2x4 photo versus 4x8.

Yes, a rat trap will hurt you pretty bad. A mouse trap will hurt you much less.


Unless that’s a super jumbo hotdog, that was totally a mouse trap.

From google-


This answers the question, how long can you watch slow motion video of the end of a hot dog being snapped off by a mousetrap?


Wow - thanks to that photo my finger hurts even more, just from watching the video.


Needs more ketchup to provide a proper visceral reaction.


Yes, the current version doesn’t quite cut the mustard.


I’d relish an updated video



Well, that was just rude!


That moment at :29


Here, I fixed it for ya :slight_smile:


I’m hypnotized. Crossing my legs, but hypnotized nonetheless.



What your’e thinking of is one of the “stunts” in Jackass 3.5, uh, which a, uh, friend described to me.