"Mice Device" trap in action


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If you’re in the restaurant business, be sure to release it in the restaurant across the street.


Reminds me of the time I was working late and ended up in a stairwell that had the doors locked. For a couple minutes, I panicked and felt like I was in a coffin, until I eventually saw a small sign to press a buzzer for the superintendent.

This looks more like a slow torture device for mice. Think about it from the mouse’s perspective – he’s enclosed in a very tiny space and he can’t get out. In the video, the guy probably checked the mouse trap pretty quickly, but in a real world scenario, I can envision people only checking the trap once every couple days or once a week, or even forgetting to check the trap.

The mouse would probably panic and possibly go into a state of shock until he died from lack of water.

A better name for this device might be, “gruesome mouse torture/kill chamber…”, and I’m not being facetious…


Yeah, a trap that snaps the mice in two or poisons it would be more humanitarian… jeez!

It´s a trap for people who care about not killing mice, the will check out, and if not… well the same results as with a regular mice trap.

Ah, the joys of “exporting” mice so that the kids can sleep easy at night. (Well, also to protect their fingers.)

My worst mistake was factoring in what my time was worth. “I’m spending $40 of my time to probably provide some fox or owl with a meal.”

(On the positive side, having small kids did make it easier to persuade myself that I was doing it for them, and not because I’d feel bad killing something small and cute.)

Admittedly, if you use these traps, you have to check them multiple times a day. It’s really a device for people who occasionally have a mouse problem (mouse sneaks into the house once a year or so) and lay them out once they’ve seen evidence of mice.

In those situations, having a mouse in the house is unusual enough that you’re likely to check it thoroughly (or the kids will check it every 10 minutes, hoping.)

(I also put a little water and a nut at the end of the trap, just in case. They ate the nut about 1/2 the time)

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What about Mrs. Mouse and (now cold) dinner waiting at home? Who is going to teach little Mickey how to dig holes in the basement now that father is God knows where. At the end of the story you don’t kill mouse yourself but you rather let other animals have it for lunch. On the other hand, little vacation away from Mrs. Mouse and little Mickey could be good for him.


Victor’s live catch mouse trap is a fraction of the size and costs $4 for two. And its at least as clever - like a little see-saw, mouse goes in, it tips, door pivots down.

I caught a bunch of mice with these when we bought our house. Finally figured out I wanted the buggers to die though, so I stopped using them.




Any time I’ve used one of these humane traps, the mouse ends up urinating all over itself, which causes a slow death. Would have been more humane just to kill it quickly.

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I’m curious, why would a mouse die from getting its own urine on itself?

It also doubles up as a Busy Buddy Kibble Nibble for your cat.


Looks like a clean and convenient way to appease our reptilian overlords…

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I believe it’s called wet-tail and is stress related.

Common mice are not found in the wild - they can only exist among humans. If you let it go somewhere, it will either find a human dwelling, die, or be killed. Just get a “snap-trap” that usually kills them instantaneously. The worst idea is a glue trap that leaves you with a wiggling thing that you can’t just throw in the trash - you have to hit it with bottle which makes a sickening crunch.


Interesting, thank you very much for the information.

Yeah, this is WAY overengineered. There are far less expensive options out there that do the exact same thing. But you really do have to check them frequently, which I learned the hard way.

I’ll stick to the $.50 wood and metal snap trap. Thanks.

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Did I miss it? Where in the video does that guy shake the trapped mouse like a maraca?

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As Lava mentioned above, the Victor Live Catch teeter-totterish mouse trap is cheaper, smaller, and less over-engineered. I had a mouse infestation one time in the mid-90s and used two of the Victor Live Catch traps in a single day (in my kitchen, at the base of the refrigerator) to catch probably 40+ mice. A bit of peanut butter in any mousetrap will draw them like crazy. Unfortunately I, being young and dumb, just let the mice out the back door. I finally started recognizing various recidivist mice that same day and after 8 hours of my wasted time, I grew less humane. A mason jar and the freezer were involved, after catching them in the Victor. Mouse problem solved. Mea Culpa.

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