Good deal on humane mouse trap: 2 for $9


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Good deal on human mouse trap



Human ≠ Humane


Yea, they do look a bit small for “human” mousetraps.


Re: Human Mice


Are you a man or a mouse?


Had checkbook open as I clicked the link. Am disappoint.


How exactly can a trap be humane? In order to keep those mice from re entering your house you need to release them far from their home.

So you release the mice where they don’t know the area and have zero knowledge of the safe places to hide and very soon get eaten by a predator.

So rather than being killed instantly by a trap, they are often eaten alive by that predator over 20 minutes.

Yeah, very humane indeed.


Headline: Humane, perhaps?



I tried to mouse over it but, well, here I am, too. I guess it worked.


(Superfluous sentence added to satisfy heuristics.)


Human traps! I know how to beat those.

mY vOicE is MY paaaassppppooorrrt, vErify… mE?


I’ve been using these this fall to relocate voles and mice out of my backyard. They work great.


Needs mashy spike plates.


Human mouse traps? How can I get a shitload of those shipped to DC?


They are, you know, wild animals.


Best way to do this is to type a number of tildes (just shift and hold key). The neat thing is that they satisfy the requirements but disappear when posted.


I am so glad you’re not my neighbor with this catch and release vermin nonsense.


I wonder if an airport scanner would detect one of those?