A Handmaid’s Tale for men


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as he tries to survive in a world where women expect to be treated like human beings.


I have a suspicion the joke will go over some people’s heads.



Nah. I am sure they’ll get that it was aimed at them, and then shitpost with great fury.


There already is a Handmaid’s Tale for men, it’s called Hell Comes to Frog Town and it’s amazing:


There’s never a bad excuse to parade this out…


What’s that from?


Holy Hell! Roddy Piper and Valeria from Conan?


Same movie he linked to. Hell Comes To Frogtown. The movie is… something else.


I love the little basketball scene at the end where they all suck so bad it’s funny


I don’t know why I thought that was just as much of an invention as Handmaid’s Tale For Men. How many beers do you figure Hell Comes To Frogtown is, using the McKenzie brothers movie rating system (Ref: Strange Brew)


The alt-right sites will discuss the documentary.


I haven’t seen the movie myself but i’ve listened to a podcast (How Did This Get Made) and it sounds totally bonkers. I would be happy to watch it sober, because i’m weird like that but if i was with friends this seems like a 3 beer beer movie.


You can’t go wrong with Rowdy Roddy Piper


That sailed over my head in the other direction. I can imagine those quips being funny, if one had to hear that kind of shit in day to day life, but it just sounds dumb and weird, like spoofing laverne and shirly, or making fun of president trump. Its only funny if you’re expected to take it seriously in the first place.


It is a beautiful piece of cinema.

My friends and I rented that tape many times from the local video store.

I would stop and watch it on USA when it would occasionally wind up there.

Somewhere in my digital archives (a.k.a. the bunch of hard drives in my desk drawer) I’m pretty sure I have a digital copy.

You simply must watch it.


I am ashamed​ I did not make this connection before now.


I found it depressing rather than funny


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