Roddy Piper in THEY LIVE: great analysis by Slavoj Žižek

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This week everybody’s talking about They Live but nobody talks about Hell Comes to Frogtown


Are they? I loved that movie back in whenever. At the time, I thought the big reveal (skull-face aliens!) was the best part, but now I think it would have been much scarier if they had looked more like us. The real-life ones are indistinguishable from humans, after all.


Also available through Netflix Canada. I watched it months ago.

You should see what recommendations are now in the Because You Watched The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology. It’s like they’ve never watched the film or even heard of Žižek. [Yeah, yeah, I know…]

It’s almost as bad as when Amazon recommended an Ann Coulter book when I ordered Rall’s Snowden.


Thank you. Had I not watched it so many times on late night USA, I’d have thought I’d imagined it as no one else seems to have seen it.


Did they bury him in those glasses?


Unfortunately, you have to get They Live on DVD on Netflix…

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Dude. The Pervert’s Guide to Ideology is SO FUCKING GOOD. And it’s on Netflix.

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Yes, a great political filum.

Ok, now that fight scene actually makes sense to me, finally. I haven’t seen that movie since I was a teenager, when I clearly didn’t give it enough thought and I need to watch it again.

I saw the film when is came out, and it was only years later, when American Wrestling started to make inroads in Britain that the fight in the alley made any sense to me. I had the same problem with Running Man.


A fun fact:

The homeless encampment, and the razing of it, were based on real events; I believe it was called Libertyville. It was raided by the police at the request of the landowner, the LA Athletic Club. When John Nada first puts on the glasses, he is standing under the awning for the LA Athletic Club.


I think this still happens, too. Wasn’t there a story not too long ago about a homeless encampment in Silicon Valley that was cleared? Fucking shameful, destruction of such communities. If you want people to not be living in homeless encampments, do what Utah did and set up housing available for free, no questions asked.

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