Corporate Monster: a short, contemporary take on "They Live"

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very very cool.


And shot in Detroit, no less!


A mix of “They LIve” and a 1990s-style "cubicle-movie*. The narrative implications of that being set in Detroit are noteworthy: white cubicle workers lamenting their corporate overlords in a city being aggressively gentrified…the Quicken-bots discovering that they’re all unwitting parts of some sinister plan, perhaps? Of course, that could all be incidental - probably the producer liked the look of the place and got to shoot for cheap.


I don’t get it. Isn’t this what everyone’s office looks like?

I mean, yeah, my immediate supervisor does look like that, but we get to do “team engagement” exercises!


Nice link to the post, @doctorow !



Loved They Live when it came out, and this is definitely well done, but some guy shooting up the office and abusing his girlfriends because he believes a xenophobic theory that They are going to eat us and our babies is just too close to home. It’s hard to watch this movie without seeing its potential as an Incel / Nazi recruiting tool.

Granted, I may just be biased to give the benefit of the doubt to life forms with face tentacles.


Aw come on. It’s a horror film. “Alien”! Pretty much everything John Carpenter ever made. Every zombie movie. Etc.

I think an individual who would react in such a way to this film, has all the necessary bigotry together already.


Aren’t you cute.

What’s your favorite Disney movie, if any.

Edit: you’re not falling into that trap, are you, because you know I’d probably be able to pick out a few reactionary tendencies there, If I really really wanted to.

I’m just tired of people problematizing nice things, and not doing it under linking them to outright Nazism - while there are actual Nazis out there, who probably laugh about liberals purging formerly beloved items from their media itinerary, just to feel more enlightened without doing anything that matters one iota in the real world.


Just to clarify if needed, I didn’t mean you, I was referring to the hypothetical person who would “go Nazi” over this film.

Not able to watch it yet, but … “sleight”?

It was good, but kept reminding me of Doctor Who, even before I saw Jenna Coleman. Weren’t the Ood mostly nice?


Lolwut? Did you forget a /s tag? :thinking:

I was thinking the same. A bit like how the alt right are currently talking about “the red pill”, they could in the future talk about “having seen the tentacles” or something like that.

Mind you, that only confirms the power of art as far as I am concerned. The real tragedy is that our current media landscape isn’t able to provide these losers with the actual facts that would counter their hateful myths.

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That was well done, and it is nice to see Kett Turton getting some work, post iZombie (my favourite TV show). I think it did a good job of taking the motif of " “Eight O’Clock in the Morning” and updating it to the modern milieu. If anything, the inclusion of the pill makes it more of a head-fuck than the wonderful John Carpenter version. This returns the plot its “is this real” roots, and pushes the story over in to Philp K Dick territory. It is uncomfortable; but, then, it is a horror film.

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The portrayal of the upper classes as a separate species is both

  • a trenchant metaphor for this group of people who literally isolate themselves in a separate gene pool of blue bloods
  • really hard to disentangle from fascist propaganda about the white race being dominated by jews etc.

Just look at David Icke, plenty of people are sure he is an antisemite, he claims that he is genuinely concerned about a race of lizard people; and I honestly don’t know which side is correct there, maybe both?

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Utter repetitive crap. I’ll stick with Buckaroo Banzai, thank you.

Ah. Yeah, I totally misunderstood where you were going with that. And to clarify what I was saying. I was exactly saying that someone was likely to coopt something that had nothing to do with their message. Just as @CoffeeStar pointed out some have already done with The Matrix and more recently, My Little Pony.

We need a shorthand for this whole discussion. Something like “Rule 34” stands in for “somebody probably made porn out of that” “Rule BD” could be “Somebody will use this as part of their delusional conspiracy theory.” (BD because it could be “Book Depository” or hexidecimal for 189 which everyone knows is the pill code on a common brand of Bupropion Hydrochloride, which THEY want you to take because it will keep you from seeing the fnords, or at last from smoking them.)

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I do understand that “good people” often have problems distinguishing fact from fiction, but that should not spoil fiction for the rest of us.