Lovely Trump / They Live mashup T-shirt

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I feel bad for Mitch O’Connell, who must get his name mixed up with Mitch McConnell by people like me who really should clean and/or get new glasses…sorry, Mr. O’Connell!

Really cool stuff!


Now TWO “Trump/They Live” mash-up t-shirts

are ready for ordering!
This is what might be lurking under our next presidents tanned face,
if we only had the alien reveling

“They Live” glasses to know for sure!
The classic black t’s are ring spun 100% cotton,
and come in these exciting Men’s sizes, S, M, L, XL, XXXL, XXXL and XXXXL!
Order now via Paypal for only $26 each including shipping ($42 including shipping to Canada) using ""!
Please no overseas orders (postage is too crazy expensive).
Please make sure your name, address and size choice
(black is the only color choice) are included with your Paypal payment.

Also, let me know which of the “Trump” or “Trump: Make America Great Again” designs you prefer.

It’s real nice when selling things on the web to include a Paypal button.

Alas, the instructions above are all a poor simpleton like me has to go on.
Hmmmmm, riddle me this “$26 each including shipping”.

so that’s $26 + shipping, or $26 shipping included?

Since They Live is a barely disguised racist movie that Trump would love, it’s a perfect mashup.

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Hillary’s been shopped! I can tell by the pixels!


How exactly do you figure it’s racist? It’s a 99% vs. 1% parable from the 80s, informed by the rampant “greed is good” mentality of the 80s. It’s about the elite willing to sell out the future of humanity for their own personal comfort and gain - race doesn’t enter into it at all.



I found that a little confusing too. The dominant minority are the villains, so it doesn’t really seem to fit.


Too bad he ripped off the concept from artist Hal Hefner who created this SAME thing months and months ago, with his CONSUME series. Mark, you need to cover that series, it’s incredible and it was the first to take pop culture and mash it up with They Live. It’s sad when other artists don’t have the common decency not to rip off their peers. CHECK THE CONSUME WEBSITE OF YOU DON’T BELIVE ME

I’m sure it is a very nice shirt, but my mind rejected the adjective lovely.

I have yet to see a lovely depiction of Donald Trump.

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The fear of the racist is that a minority is working behind the scenes
to take over society. The aliens are just a stand-in for whatever group
you think is trying to take control - Jews, Arabs (it was the '80s),

I didn’t realise that corrupt elites should be considered a protected class.

They undoubtedly are a protected class but I didn’t think we had to go to all of the trouble of actually agreeing.


Huh, what?

Uhhhh, it wasn’t some sort of Bircher blood libel.

It also wasn’t pan-racist, but xenomorphobic i’ll grant you.

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Me either. I have no idea what point you’re trying and failing to make. I don’t recall saying anything about a “protected class”.

Sidestepping a bit, here’s the inspiration for the film-

Movies like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Invaders From Mars present invading aliens as stand-ins for the Communist horde waiting to take over America. I don’t see They Live as being much different.

You’re confusing class for race here. They’re not “taking our jobs”, they’re making us work for them.

And no, it’s not a stand-in for “Jew bankers” and such Protocols-derived spew.

This is science-fiction as social commentary, not fearmongering and hate. I can’t speak for how Alex Jones and similar might interpret science fiction, but intention and execution does count.


I’m not confusing anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s class or race. All that matters is that they are an “other” working behind the scenes.

Frankly, I think you’re just bothered that this movie may actually be something other that what you thought it was.

Lovely Trump.

Of course, when you put on the glasses, Ivanka is a Hideous Alien Nightmare Creature, just like her dad.


Wow. After all that… I’m kinda on your side.
The movie is about a Grand Conspiracy, whether Rothschild, Illuminati, Jews or who/whatever.

As opposed to the more mundane fact that the Rich are just successful, sometimes morally dodgy, mere people.

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