Lovely Trump / They Live mashup T-shirt

Well, it rather does if you’re calling it racist…


Thanks, man. I was fired up protecting an artist I respect. Thanks for being cool about it and welcoming me. I really do hope my message was not lost & people realize the truth about o’connell stealing the idea. I also hope you like Hefner’s art & they live inspired body of work. He’s funny and has some great stuff that zings the people that need to be zinged. I’m bummed that this guy knowingly copied his idea.

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Whether you consider the “other” to be a class or a race, in no way alters the nature of the film.

But it does alter whether it is “racist” as you so blithely declared.


The film was a reaction to the “greed is good” 1980s yuppie scum, it absolutely alters the nature of the film.

People are born in whatever bodies they live in. People are not born assholes, perhaps with the exception of the more sociopathic lizard-people. You can call it populist, classist, but if you consider class and race inseparable, no wonder you don’t grok the movie.


TBH there’s nothing stunningly unique about the idea of mashing up They Live with right-wing and neofascist politics (or even leftist, as Fairey was mentioned earlier.)

The extreme popularity of both sources guarantees that someone would come up with it independently.

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Not really. Exactly what is the difference, if the film is racist, or xenophobic? How is it fundamentally changed? The answer is, not at all.

That makes no sense whatsoever, frankly.

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It’s as if his critical analysis of the film is somehow the only possible reality in intention and execution, opinion fully devoid of the context of criticism through sci-fi of the time and counter-narratives to the yuppie movement.

I’m especially baffled by the assertion that all forms of otherness are the same while also distinguishing one in particular (racism) in relation to the film. I guess by that logic the film must also be sexist and homophobic, though…

Some people also believe that there’s a “gay mafia” pulling the strings, so it’s literally exactly about homophobia and ethics in gaming journalism.

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The film is a metaphor about the power of capital in the modern world… It’s bonkers to think it’s some how oppressing or targeting some group because it talks about that… The hidden power structures are a metaphor…


That’s just what they want you to think the movie’s about.

Who is this shadowy they? The aliens? The late Rowdy Roddy Piper? Zizek?


Those who engage in xenophobic paranoia don’t draw those distinctions. You’re looking at it from the rational viewpoint, and not from the viewpoint of someone who thinks there’s a crypto-cabal out to enslave us all…

This is a strange method of media criticism.

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But it the cabal racially based? If not, it isn’t “racism.”

Did you protest when people called Trump a racist when he referred to Mexicans as rapists? After all, that’s a nationality, not a race. You seem to be hung up on the dictionary definition of the word, in order to try and get some sort of “win”. But I’m afraid that just won’t fly.

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