Support the They Live / Trump Billboard campaign


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Even better if it could flip between two frames: glasses off/glasses on.


At first glance I wondered why Mitch McConnell would design such a thing.

Mitch O’Connell.


This is priceless, and even more apropos than during the Reagan administration. Too bad someone will have to explain it to Don.


There are the rotating billboards, with triangular louvers. Probably more expensive and maybe not available in the right area, but it could be done.


Everyone under thirty.


Psssh; you underestimate all the 80’s nerds who are parents now that have weened their offspring on all the media we ourselves grew up with.



(cue the wavy dissolve indicating a flash back)

1990 - College. Hanging out with a different crowd. Mostly “Honor’s type with money”

I’d had rented They Live and had it in car . We were looking to waste a couple hours before heading out so we watched it. It was probably the third time I’d seen it. No one there thought the movie had any redeeming qualities.

I believe that was the last time I hung out with them.

I also imagine today that some of them lie how they always thought it was great movie.

(Wavy lines)


Clearly you know who you were with in that car.


It would be cool if they could figure out how to make the billboard “reveal” the true image when viewed through a polarized lens. Enough people wear polarized sunglasses while driving that it would get noticed.


Mitch O’Connell would have done the same if Hillary was president ?



Perhaps there are places in DC where this is the going rate, but I’m pretty sure not any with this nice sight-line to the Capitol. I’m not saying this billboard wouldn’t be fun, but at that rate probably not in a very prominent spot.


Putting one in DC would be fine as an art piece, although I think a better tactic would be to put them throughout the country and possibly add a link to cash in on the shock value. If I were placing them I would start with Highway 41 in Wisconsin’s Fox Valley. It’s a swing area with a large blue collar population, and it’s absolutely blanketed with right-wing propaganda.


THIS! I live just outside DC, and for most of the surrounding area, this is preaching to the choir. My family in AZ and MI needs this way more than DC.


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