Artist Mitch O’Connell (not Moscow Mitch McConnell) wants to erect his famous Trump/They Live billboard in Times Square

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This looks glorious. But it doesn’t say how long it’ll be displayed for at that amount of money, kind of an important detail…


Sounds like O’Connell is all out of bubblegum. As it should be for everyone in 2020.


The problem I have with ad hominem attacks – even though, agreeing with @buddybradley, this one truly is glorious – they go both ways. To a low-information citizen, this is just the Left’s version of the Obama w/ Hitler Mustache meme. It’s unsettling how both sides (they in 2009, and us in 2019), are saying “He is an impostor” and “We want our country back.”

I’d much rather go with a fact- rather than emotion-based billboard.

Of the top of my head, what’s wrong about a billboard that, 24/7, has a streaming chyron of every single illegal and/or immoral thing he has done and tweeted since in office. Multiple windows. Another can show the real-time figure for the amount of money the Trump Org has profited off of his presidency. (Oh, and get Steyer to pay for it: his billions should be doing something besides futilely running for president.)

If you think I’m making a “both sides” argument, you’re not listening to what I’m saying. I’m not. We’re right. They’re wrong. You know what the problem is? You know what they say among themselves? “We’re right. They’re wrong.” FFS, indeed.

Since we’re taking everything literally, the Left was literally claiming that Trump is “Not My President.”

I guess if you want to score cheap points, that’s your perogative. Saying “Both sides are doing it” is not the same as “Both sides are equally valid.” But, you knew that. You just wanted the :hearts:s.


I’d guess a month for that location and that price.

For $45,000 he could do a whole year in some locations.

I bet he will raise it. I do like the design - LOVE They Live.


Except one side said that because the president was black; the other is saying it because he’s using dangerous racist rhetoric to inspire mass shooters, enacting policies to lock kids in cages, and unraveling regulations that will destroy the environment… all after losing the popular vote and having help from a hostile foreign power to get him elected. It’s 2019, I thought we were way past the false equivalence of “both sides,” FFS.


Where is it stated that this is an “attack?” Looks like a fun public art project to me!


False equivalency. No one is seriously promoting the claim that Trump is an alien pretending to be a human being. The version we see without special sunglasses is bad enough.

The Right was literally claiming (against all evidence) that Obama was an impostor, some kind of foreign-born secret Muslim who faked his own background because he wasn’t even legally eligible to take office. This wasn’t a fringe theory on the Right. It was loudly trumpeted for years by the current President.


You wrote “It’s unsettling how both sides…”


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I tend to agree. My ideal sign would be a graph of the GDP since 2009 with the question: “Where did the abysmal Obama economy end and the miraculous Trump economy begin?”

Since the graph would be a straight line, the answer would be that you can’t.

Dude, please do not edit your post to reply to posts below yours that were posted after you replied. Unless you have a time machine it makes the convo very hard to follow and it is confusing as hell.


Thanks! Just added “a month” to the page. :slight_smile:


Thanks for the interest!
As I mentioned in the description-
“This time, instead of the “Make America Great Again” tagline on the illustration, I wanted to get a little more proactive, and switched it up to “VOTE!”.
Since about $1,000,000,000,000 (rough guess) is spent on political advertising that isn’t going to change anyones mind, why not take a little tiny itty bit of that and at least have fun?!” :slight_smile:



Thanks for stopping by, Mitch.

Serious question: any chance there’s a t-shirt option of this, for those of us who’d rather be walking billboards in other towns?


Many on the left have used those words, yes. That is not the same as claiming that Trump is literally not the President of the United States, or that he was never legally eligible for the office. It’s a statement of personal opinion, not an assertion of fact.

If anyone on the left currently believes that Trump is, in fact, not the current President then that is what we call a “fringe theory,” and certainly not one being promoted by any candidates running for the Democratic nomination.

Again, false equivalency.


It could be a statement of fact if you expand it to “anyone who lost the popular vote by a significant margin is not my president”.

Well I think this is a noble call to civic duty that we can all get behind regardless of our political affiliation. Trump fans should love it!

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