A hat brush for brushing your hat


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Yes, and the slouch hat. I… I don’t NEED this. But it might make a good stocking stuffer. I just use a lint roller like an animal.


I’m 99% sure it’d ruin my hat, if I put a lint roller on it.


Perfect for my top hat. I have a problem with hair getting on it, for some reason.


What is your hat made of? Mine are wool felt and seem fine.


Is this hat felt?

[gropes hat]

It is now!


I must type 6 characters just to say “Felt.”




Yours lacks the righteous indignation.


Is that like naga hide then?

Also, now I want a plush Boba Felt.


It is just wool felt. I think a sticky lint roller will pull it all to frizzy.


Why is a kiss over the telephone like a staw hat?
Because it isn’t felt.

– Joe Penner


here’s a pattern


Hmmmm specialty brushes you say?


When I purchased my Borsalino I was specifically advised against this.



Today, I discovered a WW1 wool officer’s cap had apparently been slept on repeatedly by a cat. I am not sure that I need a specially made hat brush, though. Especially one that has many of the reviewers mentioning the bristles falling out in clumps.


Felt is basically just lint with delusions of grandeur.


But it’s super organized lint!

Besides don’t make it feel bad, it’s doing its best. If you insist on being snooty and making fun of wool felt, you’re only going to end up with cat hair felt in the end, it’s just fair. :joy_cat: :smiley_cat:


What exactly is the difference between this very specific brush and any one of a number of well constructed paintbrushes made with your choice of bristle material and firmness?