The Hat Jack not only actually works, but you will probably make your hat too big


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Yeah, but the double-sided kind will hold your hat on in a hurricane.


You never even considered the other alternative?


OMG! I also suffer from bobblehead disorder. This is amazing. I love hats but rarely find them in my size.


Same. I have a bunch of hats that almost fit and there are many more which I would have bought except they didn’t almost fit.


Rob, do you think the gadget would work for those of us fatheads with elongated rather than round skulls?


I think you’d need to go to a Big and 'Thal shop for that.


If you’re trying to resize felt hats, try steam. Although I haven’t resized felt hats, steam really does help to reshape felt hats and get the right slouch to them, or to get the brim just so.


OK. I just measured my head and it’s the exact same size as @beschizza’s. I wish I had this on my Amazon wishlist a week ago so somebody else could buy it for me.

Oh well.


My mother likes to remind me of what a big head I have. Fortunately, I had a C-section with my big-headed baby; my mother wasn’t so lucky.

I, too, can’t buy hats. I may have to give it a try. Thanks.


You guys know that hatters still exist, right? They’ll resize your hat properly and with the expertise not to ruin it.

You don’t do your own dry cleaning.


I think it could! It stretches hats along a single axis, and you could plane down the wood to define the ideal ultimate oval shape you intend.


but now i have a new hobby


Rob’s new YouTube Channel:

“Will it Stretch?”


Oh no you don’t, not unless this thing can crank open a safe.


Those of us with dolichocephalic heads have trouble with most hats tipping to the sides, and are less stable in windy conditions. Hats can be resized but that sometimes it makes 'em slightly out of shape for a long-head, and the foam tape to compensate often wrinkles up the inner sweatband. The only hat I’ve ever found that fit perfectly without any modification was a vintage straw skimmer made by M.S. Levy and Sons in Baltimore, the capitol of hatters back in the day, when they made hats for head shapes, as well as sizes. The Good Old Days for hats. I’ll have to see how the Hat Jack acquits itself.


Oy, I hate rule 34.

Excellent; I’m going to have to get one, and sand down the front to be slightly narrower than the back. Thanks!

I have learnt two new words today (the other one being scaphocephaly). Thank you also!


I’d think you could make a better one pretty easily yourself, given your skill set… I’ve considered a hat “stretcher” but I’d mostly use it to keep wet hats from shrinking…


Well, you caught me; :blush: by “get one” I meant “bandsaw a couple appropriate curves out of walnut and screw a turnbuckle on”.

Apparently hat stretchers were far more elaborate in the days when all men wore hats.

(images from Roberto Manzoni, Ravenna)