This hat trick saves your hair from static in the winter


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Or just get a buzz cut. Then the static helps.




Wait - surely twisting the hat just causes it to rub against the hair more, thereby creating more static?




What on Earth is that from?



Oh damn! It’s been, like, several decades since I saw that film… I clearly need to revisit.


In fairness, I edited the title out of the middle when I created the gif.


That is, like, the most 70’s amalgam animation I have ever seen.




This only works if you’re going for “the swirly” look.


All hats do that ‘autonomously turning clockwise’ thing on my head anyway. Within 30 minutes of putting on a hat, what was at the front is over my right temple. Which way do I turn it to remove static? (My guess: it will make absolutely zero difference.)


(let it be shaving your head, let it be shaving your head…)

“Twisting the cap?!!! This is a joke, right?”


Just put a Dryer Sheet under your hat.


i DO solve this problem by shaving my head! lol


Me too.

Actually, the real aim of shaving my head is solving the problem of “being too cheap to pay a barber.”


Line your hat with tinfoil. The conducting layer will dissipate the static.


Also good for those annoying government mind control signals


my actual aim is that i don’t have enough hair to cover it, so it just looks better this way. (also, i’m too cheap to pay a barber to do it, too. heh)