Fogless shower Shaving Mirror

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Please tell me that you are not shaving in the shower while gallons of water run down the drain at your feet.


You’ll get a better shave if you don’t use a mirror. The mirror will only show you where you’ve scraped off the foam, not where you still have stubble. Instead, just feel your face with your free hand, and you’ll be able to tell where you need to pass the blade a few more times. A mirror will just make you think you got a good shave. But if you ditch the mirror, you’ll know for sure. Only tricky part is getting sideburns even, but you’ll learn to judge that from feeling the distance from the bottom of your ear lobe.

And if you want a really close shave, you need to use the Einstein method (cold water, no soap or foam, and a really sharp straight edge).


What about electrically heated mirror? Some such ones exist for cars. Could one be rigged from a spare part?

Alternatively, what about superhydrophilic surface so instead of discrete droplets of water you’d get a smooth transparent film? There are some nanotreatments, I think…

Third choice is ignoring shaving. If you don’t face situations where you’d need a close fitting face mask, e.g. having to escape a burning area of an aircraft carrier, you don’t really need to shave, regardless what the dominant culture says.

I have the large version of this for head shaving, it works better than any of my previous metal “fogless” mirrors. Simple is better. The company that makes it employs “adults with intellectual disabilities” so the money is well spent.

I have bought several of these over the years and keep one in my backpack right now. They don’t break easily, and perfect for the shower. I have dry eyes (autoimmune) and I have to put ointment in my eyes before going to bed, so pretty much this goes with me everywhere.

Great mirror.

[quote=“shaddack, post:4, topic:63717”]
What about electrically heated mirror? Some such ones exist for cars. Could one be rigged from a spare part?[/quote]
Electrical appliances for use in the shower present unique challenges. Certainly not impossible, but maybe not something you want to jerry-rig.

Best idea I’ve seen was just a mirror with an open pocket in the back. Start your shower, fill the pocket with hot water, and the mirror stays warm and mist-free.

I wonder if the opposite, a superhydrophobic treatment, would successfully shed this sort of condensation.


You’re in California?

Why would you ever shave after a shower?

That’s fine if you are a lazy shaver. If you don’t care about sideburns etc.

Your face hairs are softened, ready to be decapitated.


ingrown facial hair

Pretty sure Mark is in California. Seems like a bad idea all things considered.

Go with low voltage where you can; 12 volts also allows a drop-in compatibility with the mentioned heated rear-view mirrors. Ground the ground wire well, attach a fuse and some Zener diodes to make sure, feed the power supply itself through ground fault interrupter. If anything goes wrong on the power bus, trip a protection and indicate the cause.

The warming trick works with any hanging mirror. Apply a little non-sudsy soap to it and there’s no water beading either.

Have Californians taken to putting little egg timers in there showers so they limit themselves to 3 minutes yet?

(Not mocking. My part of the world did this in our drought.)

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I shave in the shower, but w/o the water running.

Get wet, including razor

Turn off water.

Soap up, shampoo, shave


Not having to clean up the sink is nice.


No, a mirror is the lazy way. And I already discussed sideburns.

There are mirrors that plumb into the shower head to circulate water around the mirror keeping it fog free.


Reply to Toucan Sam concept art: No idea but I was recently in California and respected the drought. The water in my hotel worked fine but I didn’t let it flow down the drain while I shaved or brushed my teeth.