Fogless Shower Mirror




Why would a “fogless” mirror come with a squeegee? BTW, I have a heavy beard, and shaved in the shower for years, after I found out that’s how Dustin Hoffman got a really close shave when he was filming “Tootsie”. I never used a mirror. Mirrors lie, but your fingertips don’t. Once you’ve gone over a spot with a blade, it looks shaved, because you’ve scraped off most of the shaving cream. Only by feeling can you really tell. So ditch mirror, and shave by touch. You’ll get a much closer shave.


For a second I thought this was photoshop disasters. But no, it’s cool tools. Still, looks kinda disasterish from my PoV


A bottle of Rain-X will do your mirror and a couple of cars too for ten bucks.

Well yea but… but… look at your user name!


In my experience, the only “fogless” mirror is a hard, durable one with no coating which you warm up under the stream and which can withstand the occasional clattering suicide jump into the tub. Every other fogless mirror gets ruined by the first houseguest who thinks that they can “fix” your mirror by scrubbing the anti-fog coating off it. The number of people who think fog is some kind of magical effect they can remove with soap or their fingernails is kind of baffling. I blame ski- and swim-goggle manufacturers.


Good evening!

As the designer of this fogless mirror, I wanted to answer a few questions I see on here. One person was asking why we included a squeegee with the mirror if its fogless. That’s a good question. Our fogless mirror is really simple. Just slide the mirror off the bracket and fill the back compartment with hot shower water (takes 3-5 seconds). As long as there is hot water in the mirror, its scientifically impossible for the mirror to fog - ever! This is not like those coating “solutions” that other companies use that wear off after 2 showers. This concept is one that works the first time and every time. The purpose of the squeegee is just an added bonus we threw in. After your done filling the mirror with hot water, you have, most likely, splashed water on the mirror surface which is annoying. Once quick wipe with the included built in squeegee and your surface is clear of water droplets.

Not wanting to use a mirror in the shower, as another person mentioned, is sometimes just personal preference. Or it could be that you have been burned one too many times in the past on those other mirrors that CLAIM to be fogless. I don’t blame you. It’s hard to trust the next one when the past 4 or 5 have all failed. I love using it because I have a goatee so I have to see where I am shaving to make sure everything is even. My wife also loves using the mirror to clean her makeup off at night. No more coming out of the shower with raccoon eyes (the ladies will know what I mean by that!)

But I want to make believers and lifetime customers out of anyone reading this. Feel free to email me directly and mention this Boingboing article and I’ll knock 30% off your mirror. I want you to use the mirror and see that this one is the last one you will ever have to buy. We GUARANTEE that the mirror will never fog. I’ll buy it back if it ever fails you. And I won’t put a time limit on that. I’m that confident in my product. No company out there will make this claim - because they know they will be replacing mirrors every couple of weeks.

If anyone has any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Thanks for your time!

Steve Parisi
ToiletTree Products


Yes, I got it. Thank you. Unfortunately, you are unable to shove aside the crappy Good-Thingy-branded garbage in my local Kroger. So you have found a paradox in product marketing: it doesn’t matter if your product is durable and works well and your competitor’s product falls apart and doesn’t really do the job. The company who (not which, according to the Supreme Court) owns the market doesn’t need a product that works well, they only need a product that works well enough to be purchased. It sucks, I know, and really takes the fun out of inventing, manufacturing, and generally engaging in any kind of real-world commerce.

Is my advice to just sell out and buy stock in Johnson & Johnson? Well, I wouldn’t go that far, but finding a way to stomp the shit out of companies with unearned market power would probably be your best way forward, much the same as many other entrepreneurs. Too bad your natural political representation is the R party. That’s not very promising.


Very informative, thanks. I tend not to use one in the shower, as I got out of the habit when I lived in a drought prone area. I like that your product doesn’t require any weird petro coatings.


I’m not in the market for this either but I had to say something about that picture. Ok. All done.


Given the weight of a sheet of glass combined with bunch of hot water, I’d feel far more comfortable if the thing used a hook and hung from the shower head.


I’ve had one for several years. The mirror part is thin plastic, I guess so the warm water warms it up more easily. It does stay fog free. My only complaint is it’s so thin it doesn’t stay perfectly flat, which distorts your face a little. Complicates beard trimming and ooky to look at after a while. And it’s small. Works, but not perfection. If they could make it a bit larger and stiffer, they’d be on to something. How about a slow drain so it empties out over a few hours?


Now all I need is a set of fog free glasses I can use in the shower so I can see myself in the mirror.


I don’t use a mirror to make sure I have a close shave, I use one to make sure my sideburns look reasonably symmetrical.


Good morning Andy -

I agree with you 100%. We contact retail companies all the time with our product and we get the same answer “Oh we already have fogless shower mirrors”. But do they??? We managed to break through in Bed Bath and Beyond and CVS. We finally convinced them that replacing what the had with what we have would be very beneficial for their customers. Its not easy convincing a buyer but its fun and exciting when you do.


Steve Parisi
ToiletTree Products


Good morning Daemonworks -

We actually use acrylic mirror vs actual glass. When looking in the mirror, you can’t tell the difference but if you accidentally drop it on the floor, then you will notice a HUGE difference. Our mirror will not break.


Steve Parisi
ToiletTree Products


Good morning kaibeezytentroy -

I am happy to see you have been using our product for several years. Recently we have began manufacturing the mirror with thicker acrylic mirror to stop this issue you mentioned. Just so others understand, when you fill the mirror with hot water, it puts a small amount of pressure on the back of the mirror. When you stand far back, you can notice a SLIGHT minor distortion on the edges of the mirror. When you move close up to use the mirror, this is not noticeable. Since we have made this change to use thicker mirror, this problem is gone.

Please reach out to us. I would like to replace your mirror with one of the newer ones at no cost. Its the least I can do for a long time customer.


Steve Parisi
ToiletTree Products


I will do that! Thank you.

Of course, a slightly thicker backing should do the trick.

I can certainly get out my own drill and put in a tiny drain hole, enlarging it a couple of times as seems necessarily to get the water to stay in while I’m in the shower but be gone after a while longer. When I’ve got that dialed in I’ll tell you what size worked.


Which can also be done by touch.


If you say so, but I don’t think I’ve ever met a blind barber.


Barbers cut hair so that it’s visually appealing. Totally different than shaving off a beard. And a barber can only feel with his fingers, as when you stroke your own face, you feel with both your fingers and your face.

As for sideburns, it’s easy to match the bottom with a feature of your ear, then match that with the same feature on the other ear. Unless your ears are wildly mismatched, it works. Like I said, shaved for yeasr in the shower without a mirror. I think my experience trumps your lack of the same.