FogBlock solves the glasses-mask problem with a single spray

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Whether you wear glasses

Whether you’re out in public all day

There’s that word again. I swear 90% of the time I  see notice that word it’s BBStore

Back in my days of youth hockey I would rub a mixture of non-abrasive toothpaste and water on the inside of my face shield to keep it from fogging. From what I remember, I think it worked quite nicely.

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CatCrap ( does the same thing for about 1/3 the price (found it for only $2.50 at wally-world).

in the early days of the pandemic i struggled with foggy glasses as well, and i searched for solutions and the one that did the trick for me was to let a film of soapy water dry on the lenses. so now before i go out i use the sponge i wash dishes with to wipe both sides of the lenses of my glasses and then let them sit for a few minutes.

it’s easy, there’s basically no cost, and it works remarkably well

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I use the cheapest “shiny hair” shampoo I can get my hands on - they’re waxy. Smear the shampoo on and wipe off the excess. Good for at least one 60 minute game, even if there’s only one or two skaters on the bench (yes, we’re frequently that short handed).

Dammit, I miss hockey.

Oh, I hated those short-handed games when I played in the adult league. It was usually the 11:00pm Sunday night games. On more than one occasion I would trip an opposing player just so I could get a two-minute break in the penalty box to catch my breath.

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Our issue is Saturday afternoon games while University of Michigan has a hand-egg match occurring a couple miles down the road, or in the summer on Sunday nights - always too many weddings going on over those June/July/August weekends. I’ve gotten quite used to a short bench, and really hate it more than 10 or 11 skaters show up.

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