Defogging your scuba mask or swim goggles


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Spit is still better & you’ll never forget to bring it with.


This spit trick worked for me, but when I tried it with my kid recently, it didn’t work.


Aim for the goggles, not the eyes.


Was it your spit or your kids spit in their mask? It has to be the spit of the person who is wearing it.

Srsly tho, you need to leave a bit of spit behind. Rinse, spit, rub, quick rinse, wear. That’s how I do it anyway.


With spit, I won’t even rinse it unless I really earned Olympic gold on the action.


Right, leave a bit of it. I dunno, maybe my saliva is fucked from lack of flossing.



That said, and as an Englishman, I don’t think it helpful to tell my countrymen that less oral hygiene is a good thing.


Yeah, that’s the joke, from the comments we had on a post about that.


I can’t believe there are posts on the BBS I haven’t read.


If you want to remain a regular, you better keep like 20 tabs open you check constantly.


I’m try’n - I wish there was some sort of meter or somesuch that gave you some indication if you were doing enough to maintain - as opposed to just waking up one day with all your stuff on the lawn…


Also cut down on the chewing tobacco.


There is a snowball joke in here somewhere…


Please leave it there.:stuck_out_tongue:



I fart in my mask, mostly to prevent someone else using it.


There are actually a lot of reasons why one might be unable to produce sputum, and the reasons not to rely on the spit of others should be obvious.

/Did you know that one potential side effect of dramamine was dry mouth? That’s nearly ironic in this circumstance.


Maybe your kid’s mask has more aggressive film on it than your own mask had on it, so you might need to hit it with something a little abrasive before the spit trick will work?

Lesser hypothesis: kid has a higher skin temp or perspiration rate than you do. Got an IR thermometer?


I sometimes have that problem too.