Mirror activates when someone smiles into it


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It wouldn’t work for a bathroom mirror. It’s hard enough to smile with morning face, and as soon as it started reflecting, I’d stop smiling.


Great, it’s not bad enough I have strangers on the street telling me I need to smile more, now mirrors want to force me to smile too? Every woman’s dream right there.


I guess it’s not for everyone…


I’d end up looking like Heath Ledger as the Joker after shaving in one of those things!


The cynic in me says that’s daft, and vain, and masturbatory (and some other things because I have more vocabulary for bad things), the romantic optimist in me says that’s actually kinda neat, and upbeat, encouraging, or cute at the very least.

… Torn right down the middle, delightful.


I knew I’d read about this somewhere before:

ETA: Oh, and this, written by an actual cancer survivor:
"If you are not happy, it suggests, you are already gone."


Just when I think the internet of shit can’t get any worse…


But I am smiling… so fuck you mirror.


This mirror would be near to useless for us shavers. It’s near to impossible to achieve even a reasonable shave around a smiling mouth.


The maker wants to see you smiling as you’re spied naked by the camera. Oh, yeah. C’mon, baby. Smile for me.


The techno-cultural bottom is limitlessly deep and wide.


but you’re much more pretty when you smile






…The purpose of Smile Mirror is to create a delightful personal moment, by surprising people with the reflection of their powerful smiles.

I would HATE this mirror so so much.


Let me know when they make one that reflects when I stick my tongue out at it.