Android appears to amuse itself in front of a mirror

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That was fairly canny, I’ll grant you.


… and only slightly creepy.


These violent delights have violent ends.


We’re doomed!

I guess if Midjourney is going to replace all the visual artists, this robo might as well replace all the youtubers and commercial actors. I hope they have a nice breakroom at the robot repair and service station. Can I get one of the longer battery goo pods to “sleep” in? I’m a little tall for the standard size.



100% no. not today, not in the near future, not ever. no.

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What was dude doing on his computer there? Look like he was watching some video and then was like “oh shit, you’re filming? Better chef up something technical that I can futz with…”

Looked like a screensaver to me. I thought it might be one of the xscreensaver hacks, but the one I was thinking of is a juggler not a dancer.

They posed a grimacing robot in front of a mirror. I grant it is a clever move, but … we’re supplying most of the motive here.

Looks like we have the perfect head for one of these:

Throw a blanket over it so you can’t see the legs & just have the face sticking out. Kinda like the Sphynx.
Imagine having one of those patrolling the neighborhood at night… a grinning Face a couple of feet in the air, bouncing along the sidewalk.

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I hear they’re close to also installing the DFE actuators. i.e., “Da Fuck Expression” actuators.

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