This hat trick saves your hair from static in the winter





When did this BBS become anti bald?!?


Considering I go every 4+ months (when I get tired of dealing with what is left of my hair) $15 for a buzz cut from a cute goth/punk stylist is fun.


Huh. I was sure it involved electrically grounding your head or something.


Yeah that will just make all my curls frizz out. Might work on straight hair but the last thing I want to do is rub mine with a knit hat.




i have to take a blade to my noggin once a week at least, twice if i can find the time. it’s a lengthy process, but worth it. kind of meditative, actually.


Me too, but it mostly acceptance of the fact that nature has shaved most of it for me, and I hate having to comb my hair in the morning.




Tinfoil is so yesterday. There are transparent conductive coatings for flexible substrates used in making electroluminescent panels, sprayed on conductive top coats. Any hat can now be made conductive.


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