A Haunted Mansion "Tightrope Girl" dress


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Okay, it’s lovely and everything and I was gonna get it for my 17 year old daughter who would love it for Halloween, but for $170 I think they should throw in the parasol (it’s not even available separately).


Nor is the alligator, unfortunately.


Just in time for Halloween, this cosplay-adjacent dress…

Adjacent? I know that’s this year’s buzzword, but this is cosplay, pure and simple. Look, somebody even put the “cosplay” tag on the article!


Omg I need this. =O.O=

Yeah, it really should include the parasol.

Keep your predators away, says the otter. =^.^=

This is a lot more like Disney bounding. Dressing like characters but not as them so they don’t kick you out of the parks.


They kick you out for cosplay? Wow. They really hate having fans.


Disney doesn’t want visitors to be confused with park performers. They don’t want someone off script for a character and they try to make sure it seems to kids that the performers are the character and they have timing highly controlled so it doesn’t seem as if the character is played by an actor. Allowing visitors to dress in costume can lead to some huge problems.


This is not a COSTUME!! It is a dress. There are several styles based on things in the parks and are nice dresses that can be worn on Dapper Days at the Parks. Many people buy them and wear them immediately. NOT A COSTUME!


I know, and it’s a really pretty dress at that, but if you had the right parasol you could use it as a costume and the casual fan would be none the wiser.

OMG I didn’t know about these! They look like a LOT of fun!!


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