A homeless man plays Styx's “Come Sail Away” and crushes it

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He is surprisingly silent for a singer.


I just logged in to say the same thing.

Boingers, you might want to edit your headline for this post.

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No singing, no crushing. The homeless can be mediocre piano players, too.


i kept waiting for him to sing, but damn, his playing is incredible. i could listen to him all day.


Well who pooped in your cornflakes this morning?



Would help to view video before writing headline.

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she ALSO did an interview video with him


I had the exact same thought. Doesn’t take away from the nice song and playing, but from the headline I guess I was expecting something more than what I could do from my 2 years of piano in high school.

I really hope he gets the help that he needs.

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Looks like Leonardo DiCaprio would with a few years of having to buy street drugs.

My reaction is simply annoyance at charismatic folks who can skate by on being adorable. Makes me want to give money to ugly untalented homeless people.


To be fair, sleeping on the street, irregular access to an instrument, and uncertainty where the next meal will be coming from can play hell with one’s chops. But nevertheless, we should demand top-tier performance quality from our homeless street musicians before they dare to virally infect our YouTubes with their substandard noodling.


I don’t get that vibe myself; I do get that faintly patronising “A homeless person can play the piano moderately well! Wow!”, but mainly I’ve got that lingering residual hope that if the headline says someone sings a song and crushes it, they crush it. And sing it.

I won’t listen or watch because STYX! I will say I hope he crushed it with the heel of his big old boot.


When’s the TV show coming out, “Homeless Got Talent”? The winner gets a home - the rest…well, better luck next time.


Pissy comments again?



chwell, I’m not so sure this guy is a novice. I think Donald Peterson is right on. After all, it is a piano on a cafe’s sidewalk, meant to be quirky decoration – obviously has seen better days - probably found in the free section of Craigslist.

I know nothing of or about this guy but it seems like he’s had more than a few piano lessons. The piano version I’ve read is kinda challenging.

Must be one of them high-pitched things that only the young-uns can hear.


No wonder he’s homeless with that taste in music!
Seriously, as is often the case, I’d be curious to know more of his story. He dodged the subject of a job, both in terms of how he winded up homeless and presently.
The interviewer missed a great opportunity. Is he happy, content now. What more would he want in his life? She, like most of us, assumes he wants the conforming, assimilated, materialistic etc life that we have. I wonder if he has found his lifestyle freeing? If he’s just so accustomed that the effort to attempt a return to mainstream America isn’t worth it or too daunting?

Fixed the title (from “sings” to “plays”). Maybe that’ll lighten the mood a little. :sunny:

Oops. Didn’t realize fixing the title would switch the category to dizzy. Sorry!