Mystery Guitar Man finally loses it. On a bus




Amazing. But that’s definitely a train, not a bus.


That was awesome, can anyone translate?


Suddenly the guys making room for cats (and their balls) seem much better in comparison.


Ugh. The torture of being trapped on public transit, held hostage to exhibitionism masquerading as entertainment.


Something about a corazon, so I assume it’s a tribute to Corazon Aquino.


Thank you.

Loud jackass + captive audience != entertainment.


He’s Chilean and singing a very popular song that is sung at most sporting events. Chilenos de corazon! Chilenos! Chilenos! Chilenos de corazon!

He’s basically making fun of how everyone sings it. It’s almost an “unofficial” national anthem of sorts.

So basically this would be like a guy singing blurs “song 2” at the top of his lungs in the subway. “Woohoo!”


Oh hey, I’ve been to punk shows that are basically this.


While i agree with what you are saying, this one is pretty damn funny.


Yep. First thing I thought when watching that was…
Punk. As. Fuck.


O hell yea. Pay no attention to the haters up there, probably Liberace fans. I didn’t even know Chilean punk was a thing, but I hear the Mexican kind is messed up.


What surprises me is that nobody threw him from the train. That would have been close to my first thought when I heard him.


I liked it better in the original Urdu.


So it’s true. Metal health will drive you mad.


He is singing a motivational Chilean song. And he, certainty looks motivated.

What I love most is the classical pitch at the end thanking everyone and welcoming any donation because, and this is the best part, he wants to buy 40 grams (of coke, I suppose).

Also he cries something about a spell…


Is he not “adding” to the song? I’ve heard quite a few “hijos de p*” and so on…

Gotta respect the ending though, clearly planned, which moves the whole performance from “drug-fueled schizophrenia” to “inspired punk piece”. Hopefully the 40 grams he’s gonna buy are just recreational ganja.


Maybe he is upset about the vertical video?


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