When you're singing about being the only passenger in the subway car, and then realize you're not

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I see a career change in the future for this young person.


I see a lot of social media marriage proposals too.


…and don’t forget to lick your lips

Here’s an embarrassing ‘you think you’re all alone, but you’re not moment’: About 20 years ago and I was walking through a SoCal townhouse (a display unit), looking around for a possible purchase. I went through one door and discovered that it opened to the unit’s garage (temporarily converted to a real estate sales office/showroom). Inside was the young lady I met earlier; she worked out of there. She didn’t hear me or see me (thank goodness), because, just as I opened the door, she was removing a sandwich from a paper bag… and happily singing the Oscar Meyer song, bobbing her head playfully from side to side at certain points. “My baloney has a first name (head bobbing while singing… stops… then removes the sandwich wrapping), “… it’s O-S-C-A-R!” More head bobbing and cheerful singing followed that. A ninja assassin would have been proud of the way I quietly backed out of the garage and closed the door.


The Twitter video was only half the length of the original video (which is 2 minutes).
The original is on FB: https://www.facebook.com/stevie.shale.1/videos/10104190960603358/
and also here: https://www.jukinmedia.com/licensing/view/985846

Having now witnessed the remainder of the video…I have questions…

  1. Is she trying to sound like Shania Twain or Reba McEntire?
  2. Is she inebriated or other wise feeling “happy” on more than just the drug of life?
  3. Does she often break into song for no apparent reason?
  4. Has anyone informed her this could get a tad annoying?

I made this mistake when in the office on a weekend once. Looking around, nobody was there, totally quiet, and I started singing “DOO DEE DOO, NOBODY HERE BUT MEEEE… GYAAA!!!” when a co-worker stepped around the corner.


She gets asked this a lot. Here’s her answer: https://twitter.com/stevieshale/status/973330835876302849


Great…I clicked, scrolled a bit and now I feel like a god damn stalker. THANKS A LOT!!


I bet you’re singing about being the only passenger in the subway car right now.


no no. @Papasan is singing while posting on the BBS…

“I’m the only one on BBS! It’s just me all alone in all these threads!!!”


It almost sounded like she was doing an impression of Kate McKinnon from SNL.

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Well, more humming than singing. If you must know, the opening bars of ‘President Reagan’s Birthday Present’ by The Jazz Butcher. Over and over again. Out of sheer boredom at 3 AM. I was most definitely alone in the guard tower of the ammunitions storage unit I was posted at.
It’s just that I had accidentally left on the PA system from the 2 AM changeover test.


Happened to me once in a Philadelphia bus station.

I thought we were alone in the men’s room, so I stabbed a guy. Turns out there was an Amish kid in one of the stalls.

Talk about embarrassing! :flushed:


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There is something so strange about being willing to embarrass yourself on the internet in front of all your friends but getting that flustered about a stranger unexpectedly seeing it.

I think this is the evil mojo of social media.

How cute; and kudos to you for not messing with her groove.


Thanks! :blush:

My very strong feeling at the time was one of misfortune for her; I felt kind of… bad. Stuck at her little desk all day long waiting for viewers to pop in and break up the day, very likely for little pay, eating a (possibly) baloney sandwich, likely brought from home (paper bagging it), having to entertain herself (no ‘real’ smartphones out yet). Many times I’ve recalled that day and hoped she’d made it big since then. Here’s to you, Oscar Meyer Girl!!


Back in the day, I used to work at a Sunglass Hut where I was often the only employee on duty and we had a Bose sound system. It was not uncommon for customers to walk by and see me unabashedly rocking out and singing to whatever music I’d brought with me that day… to the point that my next door neighbors at Jamba Juice would make requests.


Occasionally, I’ll still bust out in a dance move when alone in an elevator, if the mood strikes…