Impromptu sax battle on the MTA


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I couldn’t really see what was going on, but I have an irresistible desire to ‘click here’ and see another video.



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Or, “How to practice safe sax”


Yeah, I need to work on actually reading the headlines instead of just scanning them. The video was disappointing… to say the least.

… and then Moon Hooch shows up and DESTROYS THEM.

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All that would have to happen is for Apple and Google to modify their video capture code to chop off the top and bottom segmentss of the vertical video’s image data and record it in landscape mode.

I’m of awkwardly mixed opinions about this.

I doubt I could really have resisted the temptation myself, were I appropriately trained and armed.

On the other hand, the addtional player has just scragged the guy’s panhandling shtick. And has make it even more clear that the guy’s an amateur. Violates one of the first rules of jamming, that being to support the leading performer by playing under/behind them rather than hogging the spotlight, at least until invited to step forward and take a more leading part.

On the other other hand, I don’t much like the captive-audience approach to panhandling (or preaching, which I got hit with a week or two ago). If you aren’t good enough to draw an audience to you, don’t get up in their faces when they can’t walk away. So I’m not sure a bit of rudeness wasn’t justified.

On the other other other hand, I’d MUCH rather have someone attempting to perform than delivering a sad-sack story. At least the guy’s trying to deliver some value.

And every now and then you run across someone who really isn’t looking for a handout and just thought it’d be cool to give folks a bit of a performance, Improv Everywhere style. Though doing that in a situation where the disinterested can’t easily tune you out or walk away is a bit rude. Leave people room to not be part of the happening, if they don’t want to be.

Like I say, mixed feelings… especially since this short video doesn’t give us the whole story.

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Cory, nobody calls the NYC subway “the MTA,” unless they’re referring to the agency itself. It’s “the subway” or “the [route letter/number.]” (Or if you want to sound like you’re about a hundred years old, “the [IRT/BMT/IND.]”)


Further, “MTA” invites confusion with the Massachusetts version, which renamed itself MBTA (Mass. Bay Transit Authority) after the campaign song “Charlie on the MTA” became a popular hit. Though these days the MBTA is more commonly referred to as “The T”.

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Double plus Saxy goodness! I would have thrown huge sums of cash-money goodness in their horn cases had I been present for the battle of the Saxes. (Billy Jean and Bobby Riggs got nothin’ on this)

I disagree, I reckon if the first guy was playing to get dough, his take just went Way up! That carriage would have paid up, and then he could have moved to the next carriage, probably quicker than he first planned.

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I like how the plastic bags from Record Mart (inside Times Square station) specify that it’s near the “IRT platform.”

But back to your point, even better would be “I’m taking the MTA to Avenue of the Americas.”

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Two strangers just cut loose and jam a little good-natured competition on a subway - Just one of those little things that make life worth living.

saw Moon Hooch on tour this last summer in the midwest. They were awesome and and played a hour long set. I figured it would get tiresome after a few tunes but they rocked it. No singer at all either, just the 3-piece.
Recommend if you like horns

Bill Cosby had a point (and he said it in 1964)…

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Yes, I agree. The headline should have said duet not battle.

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