A House With Good Bones: Another fantastic read by T. Kingfisher

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Yes. Read every book by Ursula (aka T. Kingfisher!) I also can’t recommend highly enough the collection of stories about the paladins of the Saint of Steel. (Starting with the Clockwork Boys as a lead.)


Ooh, yes! As it happens, I’m re-reading Wizard’s Guide at the moment, and enjoying it as much as I have all the other times I’ve read it. Nice to have a new title to follow it!


The paladin series are her “soft and squishy” romances. Even her editor goes “Just fuck already” when reading them.

“Soft and squishy” means there’s only a few decapitations among the romance.


Absolutely true. I’m not normally a romance reader, but again, I’ll read anything by Ursula. I also don’t think there’s a book in that series yet that hasn’t made me cry at some point. It’s often like she’s telling at least two stories at once and I admire her for it.

From Paladin’s Strength:

She looked away. She did not way to see it. There was a reason everyone went to the convent in the end. It wasn’t just that your parents dragged you, horrified and at their wits’ end, although that was some of it. It was simply that it was easier to be among other women who understood. Who never looked at you with horror or disgust or simply the knowledge of otherness in their eyes.
Still, Clara was used to men like Andrel. The few people outside the convent who knew mostly struggled, but they came around. But every now and again you found one who could not cope, who hated you for being what you were, as if somehow you were changing shape at them, personally. People like that were dangerous. It was best to get away from them quickly.

The character here is a werebear, but I can feel so much of the queer experience in this! I sent those paragraphs to one of my partners who said they absolutely thought the character was trans before I explained the story to them.


Ursula and her Tweets are one of the main things I miss from Twitter.


I read it. It was okay, not her best. A good palate cleanser between other her novels though.

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