A hummingbird feeder you can wear


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If you have a problem with squirrels climbing you to get at the feeder, I suggest wrapping yourself with dead rose branches. The thorns will discourage them.


In Texas, this type of cap is called a gimme cap. Because to get one, you’re supposed to go to a feed store & say “Gimme that cap there.”


Not sure I’d like. Lots of honeysuckle where I am, when smoking cigarettes nearby, hummingbirds like divebombing my face.


I wish this guy would design & sell a non-hat-mounted woodpecker-proof hummingbird feeder


I have chickadees on my hbird feeder, but they’re cute and don’t damage the thing.

Watching their already manic selves drink, I get the feeling that sugared-up chickadees would be really good at video games.


If only there were hummingbirds where I live.


Please do not assume you will get hummingbirds to eat that closely if you don’t have/feed hummingbirds.

Wouldn’t it rock if this was a prank? If that hummingbird in the photo was fake? You’re just not sitting still enough, they don’t trust you yet. Give it another week or so!


More expensive but more eye to eye with a hummingbird is the hummingbird feeder mask:


Dude could probably just dip his beard in sugar water and get a similar effect (but maybe it needs to be bright red so it looks like a flower-- inquiring minds want to know.)


My guess would be that you were smoking in the nursery.
Who does that?


This one didn’t have time to sit down for lunch.


Be careful what you wish for :slight_smile:
Where I live (north-east Poland) we recently started seeing praying mantises (mantis religiosa), and in this region they never appeared before. That would be wonderful, because these are amazing creatures, but the reason for their appearance is worrying - it shows how rapid climate change and global warming is.


That is somewhat worrying.


Other signs of climate change here are even more worrying - grain yield from the harvest on our farm has fallen to about 1/3 of what it has once been due to persistent drought occuring few years in a row.

And speaking of hummingbirds - there’s a substitute available in nearly whole Europe :wink:

I’ve seen them in Croatia, and from the distance they are pretty convincing :slight_smile:


Hey, I’ve been to Dubuque before! A couple of times. They have a funicular.

George RR Martin liked it too:



There’s a hummingbird moth in North America as well (sometimes called, not by me, a”flying lobster”):


With most moths feeding by night, the idea with these things apparently is that because they resemble the hummingbird body shape and their wings are invisible, they get passed by as hummingbirds. Not sure what’s going on with the European model, as there are no hummingbeasts there.


Having a bird with a long needle-like beak darting around on wings beating faster than a human eye can percieve , inches from my soft, vulnerable eyes, seems like a swell idea.

Needs more of this: image


This gizmo looks fun, although it looks more fun to just make one from scratch! Copper wire & a test tube? Easy Peasy :slight_smile:

It’s mid-hummingbird season here, and we are going through about 40oz of sugar water a day now. Annas and Allen’s are everywhere!

Also… who needs a hat?


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