Watch 30 hummingbirds frolic in a fountain simultaneously


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Wondrous by any account.


the amount of hummingbird pee in there must be off the charts.


Pedant note: birds don’t pee, they have an all in one waste disposal system.



very very tiny charts tho


I realized I was getting old when I found joy in seeing birds in my bird bath. I never paid attention to things like that as a kid, but now I take the time to keep the bath clean and filled with fresh water. A couple weeks ago I was treated to the sight of five birds, robins and cardinals, splashing around together at the same time (it’s a big bird bath). To see thirty hummingbirds in my bird bath would send me over the moon with happiness.


Must mean I am getting older too.


Suddenly they are attacked by a FLOATING ISLAND OF FIRE ANTS


So what’s this bath, and where can I buy it?




OK, so I’ll be watching hummingbird videos for the rest of the day.

Over and out.


My cat is going to love watching this.


I nominate this as an alternative unicorn chaser.

:bird: :bird: :bird:


I’m always amazed by videos of that many hummingbirds in one place. The Ruby Throats at our feeder are aggressively territorial, and are always buzzing each other.

Tonight is going to slam down to 2C, so they’d better top up on fuel then get sheltered.

I came across those videos a couple months ago, and want to rig up a bath for them, but it looks like it’ll be a winter project.


My mother got me with the birds when I was a kid. She didn’t try to, we were both just dazzled sometimes by birds’ appearances, and kind of absorbed by wondering what their behavior might mean. She would have loved the hummingbirds coming to the feeder I have now!

And it’s funny how robins love their bath; my father used to have to fill his birdbath daily in summer to keep them in ablutions.


Sometimes it’s not enough to simply be a hummingbird, you also must have these outrigger-jazz-hands to be able to impress:


That bird wants to sell some spatules



I live on (adjacent to) a pond, never had 30 hummingbirds, but definitely had 300 ducks.