A hysterically horrendous Han Solo keychain


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Han derped first!


Looks more like a young John Travolta, IMO.


You’d look derpy too, if someone screwed a giant eye bolt through your head!


Or David Schwimmer.


I was thinking Ross from Friends, but now all I see is Barbarino.


Up yer nose wid a rubbah hose!


I’m thinking Jim Brewer. It’s the chin on that awful keychain figure


Dana Carvey?


The third panel is definitely Henry Winkler as the Fonz.

Princess Leia: “I love you”
Fonz Solo: “Ayyyyy!”


Definitely weird but, a much lighter solution than Star Wars Kettlebells!


The nose is all wrong.


Well, I know what one of my stocking stuffers will be this year.


Young Elliott Gould.


That expression is hauntingly familiar.



Reminds me of the weirdly drawn Han in the cartoon in the middle of the Star Wars Holiday Special. But the keychain has much less charm.


That Vader one would be painful to catch a corner while flailing around lifting the kettle bell


The best explanation is

You idiots! These are not them. You’ve captured [the likeness of] their stunt doubles!


No, no, it’s supposed to be the other Han Solo.
You know, the one in Star Trek?


Needs more Lonk.