A.I. meets the market: just sell short and then publish dystopia

…separate explosion at the White House. Both of these images were swiftly reposted thousands of times on both platforms.

Notably, they were shared on Twitter by new “gold check” accounts belonging to what Twitter now considers an “official” business. In this case, it was the Russian state-owned media outlet RT that retweeted the images. Shortly afterward, a blue-checkmark account reportedly belonging to Bloomberg News did the same.

Within a few minutes, The Street reports the S&P stock index lost more than $500 billion dollars. Most of that value gradually returned over the next few minutes as it became clear the pictures were fake. They had been generated by an AI art program. The blue-check Bloomberg account (as well as several other blue-check accounts with authoritative names) was also a fake.

(now gotta get NFTs involved sideways somehow -sigh-)

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