Trump's social media network loses less than Elon Musk's

Originally published at: Trump can't even win at losing money

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Twitter went from being a large and vibrant platform with hundreds of millions of users to whatever the fuck it is today.

Truth was any always will be a niche platform that will struggle to find any foothold outside of a weird Venn diagram of those who love Trump and think Twitter is too lefty for their tastes. Last I heard it has only a few hundred thousand users.


Two losers.

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To be fair, the ex-bird site has only been profitable for one year (this article is from 2019, but I think it’s point still holds).


Correction: TRump didn’t lose $73 million. Whoever actually paid for the site paid $73 million to let TRump let loose! There’s a big difference!


Go fash, lose cash

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While this is true in both cases, Pravda Social was likely anticipated all along to be a financial loss leader that was more about recruiting, radicalising, and retaining hardcore MAGAts. It’s similar to how Lachlan Murdoch allowed Carlson’s show to continue despite only bringing in dodgy bargain-basement advertisers (it was internal problems at Faux that finally got Swanson fired).

Musk’s delusional plans for Xitter, in contrast, envision it being a mass-market “everything app”. It’s supposed to be a profitable enterprise in addition to being a bullhorn and criticism-free forum for Elon’s views.





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