A jet interior designed with Nike for traveling athletes


Couldn’t they rather design more leg space into a standard kind of a jet?


There is one (1) President of the US, who makes $400k per year. That person gets their own custom jet.

The current minimum salary for NFL rookies is $420k. And, those poor folk have to SHARE these custom jets with their team-mates. 45 per team.

As we all know, it’s hard to live on $400k.


The US likes its entertainment as it likes its diplomacy: violent.


That’s impossible. I can tell by the pixels.


For that authentic touch,it smells like athletes foot and sweaty towels.


from [the wall street journal][1] (gawk away)

Delta takes eight of its Airbus A319 jets out of regular passenger service in October and installs special interiors designed by the NBA. Instead of 126 seats, there are only 54. The plane is segregated into three cabins—the front for players, with 16 seats that fold out into beds for 7-footers, 10 seats in the middle for coaches and 28 in the rear for team staff, security and beat reporters. Even the seats in the rear have more space than normal domestic first-class seats.

This year, Delta has been flying 21 of the 30 NBA teams, 15 of the 30 Major League Baseball teams and 15 of the 32 National Football League teams. The airline also carries two National Hockey League teams, 35 college football teams and 40 college basketball teams. Baseball and football teams typically fly on jets with regular seating, such as Boeing BA -0.54% 757s and wide-body 767 or 777s. Domestic team flights typically cost $75,000 to $200,000 each way, Delta says.

and a similar article from [Huffington Post][2]

Phelan’s department books the year’s hotels before May for the roughly 140 people who travel with the [New York Giants], a group that includes players, coaches, managers, owners and video and medical staff, among others. About three weeks before traveling to a city, Phelan’s department contacts the appropriate hotel and transportation staff to finalize plans and get the team’s meals set up.

Getting there

The team uses the same chartered United Boeing 767 for every flight, with the same flight crew. The seats are laid out in a classic 2-3-2 configuration, with, for the most part, each player getting at least a seat and a half to himself (these are big guys, after all). “We put the bigger linemen in first class to give them as much space as possible,” Phelan adds. At the airport, Giants are just the like rest of us: Despite private charter rules being a bit different, everyone has to go through security.

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And where may I affix my Knee Defender?


I appreciate that there’s copy of Forbes “400 Richest Americans” issue lying casually around in the weird loungey area.

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Meanwhile, back in coach, a fistfight erupted while…

So the answer is to make it look like every 80’s space sci-fi movie.


Too busy; it makes me tired just looking at. I keep looking for a place to rest my gaze and not finding it.

They could use it for a remake of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea, featuring an elite crew of really fit, well-paid, well-coiffed and well-rested submariners with spousal abuse issues.


Does this give anyone a kind of deja-vu for the decadence of the Roman empire before it fell. I’m sure they had nice travel arrangements for the gladiators.


Now there’s a design aesthetic I can get behind.

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Um, eat, sleep, heal?

Nutrition zone

Um, kitchen/galley?

intravenous infusion

Wait, what? It comes with its own doping center? That is so kickass!


We realize that passengers seated in first class may not be able to reach the seat backs in front of them in order to properly install their knee defenders. Please feel free to ask your flight attendant to assist you in this matter.


I’m reminded of the Netherlands and Arsenal star Dennis Bergkamp, who is afraid of flying. It’s much less of an issue for teams in the English league, as England is small enough that they can drive to away fixtures, but European matches (the Champions’ League) were a problem.

He would often miss the previous game if he was already en route by train to a big European match. He spent the journey studying, and by the end of his playing career had earned a degree in mechanical engineering.


Makes me think of The Hunger Games.

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Speaking of the NFL…

Meanwhile, actuaries hired by the league filed documents in federal court Friday showing that NFL players suffer chronic brain injuries at a “significantly higher” rate than the general population.

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A few things I noted:

Transparent “privacy” screen for that genuine locker room feel:

A certified Nexxus dealer will be on board every flight to sell only the best hair care products:

Yoga mats. 'nuff said:

And this swank spank lair down where the baggage would go in a real airliner:


I make a decent salary, and that video made me want to vomit. A new $60k car every four years?! $520 a week for groceries?!

tangent the Mexican owned stores here in phoenix have produce that kicks whole foods rear, at a tenth the price. The Asian markets have meat that is to die for, at a quarter the price. And for modestly exotic items like Truffled salt or wine gums, Cost Plus is half the price.

Must. Stop. Grinding. Teeth.

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