A large bowl and some peanut oil make a perfect live mousetrap


There’s a whole movie about a naturalist who tries it on himself - innards and all - and it worked: Never Cry Wolf


A fine movie!


Rats can swim.


I was about to say “next stop, the wok.”


Freezing should kill the parasites. Back in the day, I fed captive snakes with mice that I caught with a conventional (lethal) mouse-trap and froze. I never had any problems related to this.

It wasn’t quite so easy to buy frozen mice at that time, though…


I’ll say. How’s Chloe going to get a good grip on those greased up little squeakers?


OK, you have a bowl of slippery rats. Now what?


Fun fact: that is a urban legend! But the catch is: it’s localized! So in Brazil it’s an actor, at the USA it’s Richard Gere, in France is another guy…


We have 2 cats. Any mouse in the vicinity is toast in 5 minutes.


Would oil make them easier or harder to catch?





Cunning Male 1: Wow! This is AMAZ–uh, nothing that special! I’ll just keep it.


Amirite? :joy:


He runs a mousetrap channel on youtube, he kills LOTS of mice and rats. Although, he does make a point of releasing the native deer mice and pack rats that he catches.


“No No, I’m much too busy for that. I need to find that key”

You are in a room with a wizard, seven rats, and ten pounds of cooking oil


Or just plug them one by one with a .22? It sounds mean and gory but probably quick and painless for the mouse…


It scales up for bears if you want.


I’ll confess to occasionally doing the same with pigeons for my 12 foot python. The statute of limitations is long passed, as is the python (unrelated to her eating habits).


I can’t believe I didn’t remember this until just now. ‘Red Fury’ was car #2, and I once had a quart of used motor oil leak all over the carpet behind the passenger seat. Then, I drove it cross-country, and in the process, spilled an entire box of Cheerios on top of the oil puddle. The Cheerios soaked up every last oily drop, and left the carpet clean and dry. Just drop the oily mice one-by-one into the box of Cheerios and give them a good shake.