Cool self-resetting mousetrap catches multiple mice

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@frauenfelder, the video embed is missing from your post.


@frauenfelder Nice post. I think you’re short a < on a p tag.

I think the entire post is kind of drunk.

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The one mouse that won’t run away at the end, “But I was promised peanut butter.”


Wheeee! The first step in building an amusement park for mice.

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Mice will jump into a bucket of water and antifreeze if you give them a little bridge to climb up on. No need for fancy contraptions. Unless you want to livetrap of course.

Two things. One. I already have a cool self-resetting mousetrap that catches multiple mice. Her name is Satan. She a huge black murder machine also known as a cat. Two. Was chatting in the lobby of our building a few months back when, literally, a mouse fell out of the ceiling and into, again literally, a bucket (there to collect water dripping). The mouse looked at us for a split second and promptly scurried away.


It is just a fancy variation on the “bucket dowel” mousetrap.

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