Watch this experiment on mice squeezing through tiny holes


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This experiment doesn’t appear to allow for the mouse gaining weight from eating all that peanut butter. :wink:


Mouse looks like if it had more traction on the floor it might be able to make it through a smaller hole.



Perhaps what the constant shitting is for–to offset the input.


It certainly poops a lot.


I figured that it was one of those hydraulic press videos.


the way he pronounces ‘mouse’ sometimes… almost sounded like a cross between the word mouse and moose.


The sound effects in the video are some weird ASMR shit and I couldn’t stop listening.


The sound effects really make these videos



The mice are experimenting on US ! Everyone knows that.





Mathias Wandel is well worth paying attention to.

Anyway, the traditional American rule of thumb: a mouse can fit through any hole a dime can fit through. (I interpret this to mean on edge, which is probably not correct but works for me - my property has mice of all sizes.)

My own rule of thumb - any opening big enough for a mouse should also be big enough for the cats. If the cats can’t fit through, seal it up!

The problem with rodents is that they despoil food storage, crapping and peeing on whatever they can’t eat right away so that other animals don’t want to eat it. If it wasn’t for that, I would not grudge them their portion.


They do poop little and often, and piss continuously as (so I was told) they have no bladder.


The problem with cats is they shit everywhere and infect people with toxoplasmosis. Which is worse?


Hey, a properly socialized cat only infects people with toxoplasmosis! If you’ve got one that doesn’t use the litterbox, it was raised wrong.


I’ll remember to remind the neighbour’s cat of that next time it’s shitting on my garden.


Oh, c’mon, the garden isn’t “everywhere”, it’s a very large public litterbox that’s well stocked with mice, voles and shrews all just begging for that sweet hit of toxoplasmosis gondii.

“Everywhere” is where the pets of bad owners defecate… shoes, the bedroom, laundry baskets, the car hood, the living room carpet, the inside of large electronics, lawn furniture, &etc…