A life in the day of a weed delivery service




A: [Knock knock] It's me, Dave! Open up, man, I got the stuff!

B: Dave?

A: Yes, Dave! Open up!

B: Dave?

A: Yeah, DAVE!

B: Dave's not here, man.


"studded jorts?"


Man... when I was a little kid in LA in the early 1960s the only outfit I remember doing home delivery was Chicken Delight.


"4:20 p.m." Cute.


It would had been better if it was posted on 4/20 too. stuck_out_tongue


I guess I'm just impressed that they got Clownvis in their ad. I caught his act when he was MC for a burlesque show in Milwaukee once and he was more entertaining than you would imagine a clown Elvis impersonator to be. http://clownvispresley.com


This may be a compete tangent, but if I remember correctly there is a restaurant in Santa Fe NM called "Dave's Not Here" which is so named because the owner went to jail on a drug charge for awhile and employees had to constantly account for his whereabouts. Best damn green chili burgers this side of the Pacific Ocean, in my opinion.


Clownvis is a great guy and has been part of the team since the beginning. More Clownvis/Speed Weed here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VEAnn1nGLiM And here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oS1Aq2q9gkc


Now we can see for what "medical" purposes was the weed legalized. I want to puke.


In that case you should google image search "jorts".


You're in luck, cannabis is an effective treatment for nausea!


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