There's an evil clown donut delivery service in Texas


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These are the days I’m glad Texas isn’t in an inviting position for Bug’s saw.


One donut shop in Texas

That’s how a bad porno starts, I’m absolutely positive about this.


Do you want ants? Because that’s how you get ants!


I bet they taste funny.


I ordered a dozen. They came right away.

And I still can’t figure out how all twelve of them fit into that little car.


With a ten dollar delivery fee, I imagine the folks ordering are penny wise, dollar poor.


Does it talk about the part where the cops ate all the donuts first and then drew down on the guy because he was out? If they didn’t tell that part it’s fake news time again!


Do they get hazard pay?



i like when people do different things. I may not support them financially though. and so I have no one to blame if all I got as an option is dunkin donuts 3 on a block. and the only coffee is starbucks 2 on a block.


Thought that was Clint Howard for a minute, holding the box of "Hurts Donut’.


For crying out loud, the joke is supposed to use the spelling “Hertz,” not “Hurts.” It’s a homophone you can use to trick your grade school buddies into letting you punch them in the arm.

A: Want a Hertz donut?
B: Sure!
A: Hurts, don’t it?

The setup doesn’t work if you give it away ahead of time.


Ok. Now, you tell him that:


Not only am I not giving this post a like, I’m taking the time to tell you I’m not.


As I told my SO the other day: I am getting to that age where you tell Dad jokes.

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