Watch a delivery person stand up for their right to deliver a package without harassment

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I was really hoping to hear the Karen classic: “I know everyone in this neighborhood and I don’t know you!”


A male Karen is a Ken. You can ask any of the kids.




Welcome to the latest entry in “Oh, shit. I think I really messed up but I don’t know how to apologize or at least walk away.”


I remember this neighborhood. We all called it Specific Whites.


He explained that things have come up missing in the neighborhood, so it must have been me who stole his shit.

Even if you suspected that… this delivery person was almost certainly in uniform, with a handtruck and 10+ packages to deliver. If this person is “the bad guy”, that would have to be some next-level shit for him to be wearing a uniform, his own handtruck and himself dropping off packages (while he steals??).

And even if you suspected that… so, follow him and get a license plate. And nothing more. [Per @ClutchLinkey, we can see at 5:22 he’s a bike courier, but he’s obviously delivering numerous packages.]

I don’t even get what the crazy person thinks they’re going to achieve by confronting the person-they-are-suspicious-of.

PS, I am curious though, why in his Instagram post, the courier tells us he was “doing a Narcan delivery to 2200 block of Clay St”-- a gross violation of the privacy of the recipient of said Narcan who is possibly in opioid recovery.

Not “Cary”?


Or as I saw recently, a Kentleman.


Either “Darren” or “Kevin” would be superior choices if the idea is to choose a traditionally male name that is structurally and phonetically similar to “Karen.”


My mom told me, “Worry about yourself, it’s a full time job.”


Sadly, this Ken/Darin is just as likely to be a self-described liberal as he is a conservative. Wealthy white San Francisco NIMBYs and busybodies tend to be a certain type.


He’s a bike courier, delivering to a halfway house, so I don’t think there’s any license plate, or worries about privacy of the narcan delivery, and very unlikely a uniform.

Fuck, this was cathartic, though. Good on him for calling this bs what it is. Consequence culture, motha-fukkas.


Ken, Darren, whatever. Delivery Guy had the name right the first time…

comedy central GIF by Drunk History


Yeah, I don’t make the rules.

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We already have a name for the male equivalent of a Karen.

He’s a Dick.


Any fans of A Confederacy of Dunces catching a Burma Jones vibe?

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If you meet a Karen, she’s almost guaranteed to be a white Boomer. Karen started being popular in the 30s and died out in the mid 70s.

If you meet a Darren, he’s likely a white Gen X. Darren started being popular in the 60s, peaked in the 70s but is still being used at a low level today.

Darren is probably a more appropriate meme name than Karen for 2021 – in most of these videos these assholes seem to be in their 40s and 50s rather than their 60s, 70s or 80s.

It’s not a “rule.” Just because a July 2020 article notes that a gun-toting couple was widely dubbed “Ken and Karen” doesn’t mean that using that name is any more or less appropriate than other instances in which rude guys have been dubbed “Darren” or “Kevin.”


Now-days half the delivery folks do not have uniforms, or company vehicles.

Fedex delivery services are apparently all done by independent contractors, and a lot of them (to my home at least) do not use (lease) fedex marked vans, or have uniforms. (they’ve all had name-tags at least, although I suppose those could be faked) (what with the pandemic, the independents seem to have added a lot of subcontractors to handle the extra load)

Amazon deliveries usually are just someone in his/her car, though they do have amazon branded vans everywhere now.

A lot of smaller shops just have their own delivery folks (or contractors) for delivering to the local area (those usually tend to be for bigger items such as appliances though)

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From the same caption on the Insta post:

He then followed me to the halfway house I was delivering to and stood in my way as I tried to leave.

It seems like they’re fairly concerned with protecting the privacy of their recipients in the video, and most likely only felt comfortable sharing the address info since it’s a residence with multiple people - probably not permanently at that location.