A long list of comedians mourn the passing of Garry Shandling, age 66


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Damn, people are just dropping like flies these days.

RIP Mr Shandling.


seriously, if you haven’t watched the january episode of “comedians in cars getting coffee,” you should do it. it might be his last visual appearance on film, and he and seinfeld talk about illness and death so much it’s creepy. the name of the episode is even “It’s Great That Garry Shandling Is Still Alive,” for crap’s sake. http://tinyurl.com/j3t9u5m



“Hey Now”


How is David Duchovny handling this?


Hail Hydra, Garry. Hail Hydra.


Apparently he’s been spending a lot of time looking at himself in the mirror. So, you know, a normal day.


“…according to the Los Angeles Police.”

Hmm, why not according to his agent, his family, or his long-time live-in man-servant? Was foul play involved?


Thank you. I can’t believe the tribute I heard on the radio this morning didn’t mention It’s Garry Shandling’s Show alongside his other work.

Smart, funny, and sometimes touching without ever being falsely sentimental that show was an oasis in the sitcom desert.


I watched that episode, it was a good one.


Here’s to you, Garry. Big round of applesauce.


Wife and I put on some old VHS’s last night, we pissed ourselves laughing, TIMELESS!


No, he called emergency services and went unconscious mid-call. Hence the police knowing about it.


I was probably too young to really appreciate it, but I remember liking Garry Shadnlings Show when it was on. I LOVED the theme song, which fit in with my eclectic, “Dr. Demento” tastes.


The influence of The Larry Sanders Show on the past twenty years of television comedy cannot be understated. It’s huge. Goodbye, Garry.


And people I met, but not that close. :frowning:


That’s too bad.

I was only a kid when it was on the air, but I remember enjoying it.

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