Garry Shandling hosted secret pickup basketball games at his home for 25 years

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Wouldja look at that melting pot? There’s everything from light-white people to medium-white people crammed in there.

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It’s Garry Shandling’s Show was wonderfully surreal. He made a point of destroying not only the forth wall, but more than seemed possible. In one, he was busy deconstructing ‘The Graduate’ when, “come a knock on our door” and, why here’s Norman Fell! Norman Fell everyone! Now wait Norman, we’re doing ‘The Graduate’; why are YOU here. Don’t you remember Garry? I was IN ‘The Graduate’. No!? Yep, roll the clip. He rented that apartment to Dustin Hoffman late in the film. Deliriously weird.


He was into all kinds of weird shit, man.

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That is a delightful story.


This is a really cool story. And it’s interesting to see how basketball was a catalyst for all these friendships and personalities to come together over such a long period of time.

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What a generous, giving guy.

BRADFORD: Garry took his own success and went, “What’s the best thing I could do with this? Well, s—. It’s literally to help others.”


Now trying to imagine Richard Lewis playing basketball. :wink:


And he was a hoopy frood.


This makes me want to go out and create a wholesome secret society. Quick, someone give me an HBO special so I can purchase a house in the hills.

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Dressed in all black on a sunny day.

Not sure why it was necessary to insert the clickbaity “secret” in the title. Is it because boing boing is the only one who wasn’t invited?
I’ve heard countless celebrities talk about it on talk shows over the years.

Can’t wait for the next article about Ashton Kutcher’s secret celebrity fantasy football league.
Or Jennifer Tilly’s secret poker addiction.

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