A look at the 'world's largest' small town

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“World’s Largest Wind Chime”

This sounds like the set-up to a cosmic horror story.



Looks to me like the only way to properly tour this town is to do some acid first.


You could always take some acid then drive to Holbrook, NSW, Australia, more than 250km inland, to see the full-size submarine there.

I’m told it’s an experience.


You had me at acid


Video won’t play in Canada. I’ll have to be content contemplating “The smallest city in Canada”, Greenwood B.C. Population crashed after incorporation, less than 1000 people there now.

Man, I’m truly disappointed we missed this place on our 2016 Kitsch tour. Would have made for a wonderful stop, but we were on our way home when we would have passed by and eager to sleep in our own bed for the first time in two weeks.

Going to have to go back.

With acid.

I’m gonna pass on the acid, but I’d definitely be up for a visit to this town. Sounds like a fun day trip! The regular kind of trip, not the acidy kind. You do you, though.

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Well, several truly wonderful things, all in the one post!

I’ve been to Casey and it’s actually kind of lame. My spouse and I often go out of our way for “world’s largest ___”, so we thought we had a winner here, but honestly the only truly impressive item in Casey was the rocking chair. Even that was surrounded by bible verses on placards.

ALL of these objects have some kind of xtian spin. Giant windchimes with a Jesus fish theme? Check:

They also have the world’s largest golf tee, which was so incredibly stupid she said “I’m not getting my picture taken next to THAT”


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