A Lorde superfan hung 'Melodrama' in the Louvre

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If the album can’t stand on it’s own then what is the point?

Music isn’t just about the music, and hasn’t been for a long time. I personally don’t see anything wrong with expanding into other arenas with the music and lyrics.


I can appreciate the sentiment certainly. Bringing a child’s crayon drawing into the Louvre and placing next to the Mona Lisa and photographing it has the same effect. Elevating an object to that of greatness whether or not it’s worthy. The parent of that child is the superfan regardless.

Wow. Okay. Clearly you’re not a fan. Don’t listen to her music maybe instead of criticizing her fans?


Oh, I’ll give it a listen for sure! Perhaps a fan I will be.

Okay. You should check her out. I quite liked her first album and am looking forward to hearing more of this one.

I guess I’m unsure what your criticism is, then? This seems like it was a fan making a statement based on one of the songs, so not something unusual, I think. Fans have been acting as promotional agents for the artists they like for a long time now.


If you haven’t heard anything from Melodrama yet, I recommend this earworm for starters:


I once hung a photo at the AGO in Toronto, in a corner of the gallery that had numerous empty spaces during either transition or restoration. I then filmed someone walking up to it for a closer look, then moving on. It was hilarious until I realized I needed to remove the framed photograph from the wall, and walk out. My primary alibi was the fact that the photograph was a portrait of someone who worked in the gallery. So I would have been let off the hook relatively easily. Even still, no one seemed to make a fuss.


it’s hard to stand a record on its own… it’s pretty flat and tends to fall over.


Tell that to the flat Earthers!


I read that as “Lordi”…

I was going to post one of their album covers here for comedic effect but, nope, too grossed out.

It’s a nice painting on the cover, all the same.

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Lorde is very, very talented. And so young.

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