A Message from George Takei


I don’t think this will embed, but it’s powerful and worth your click.

EDIT: Youtube link below, h/t @TobinL


Well, George Takei just gave up any hope of a sit-down with Trump.

Not because he insulted him, but because he can [speak in Spanish] (https://www.buzzfeed.com/adriancarrasquillo/trump-campaign-canceled-a-reporters-interview-after-they-hea?utm_term=.ucgZdqB6q#.xp01zr7Qr).


It would nicer if facebook didn’t obscure the video for those of us without accounts.

youtube link…


Go George!

That was really well said. I approve of this message.


Thanks! I don’t have an account either, ask Zuckerburg why it worked for me and not you. As for youtube, I couldn’t figure out how to extract the youtube address from the…

…oh. There’s a search function isn’t there?


En Guarde Drumph!

Takei is my hero!

(Had no idea he was fluent in Spanish - he still keeps amazing!)


I don’t like her, but Hillary Clinton better fucking win this election.


I freakin’ luv that man.


Powerful people have spent hundreds of millions of dollars to make sure you don’t like her.


Then they wasted a lot of money. I haven’t liked her since the 90’s. Not her personally. She could swell to have as a friend. Her corporatist politics are well to the right of mine and slightly to the right of the sitting President. But it beats burning down the house.


What? Everyone knows those of us without youtube accounts aren’t REAL people! /s


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