A million dollars in a rug store - and other ways Paul Manafort spent his allegedly ill-gotten fortune


It doesn’t specify what kind of suits he was buying. Maybe his tailor was Tony Stark?


Well, 8 1/2 suits, but I think your point still stands =)


conceptually we are not far off pre-revolutionary France - with the King and his court, and Versailles, and associated epic indulgence.

Remind me. How does that story end?


Ooops - I meant $10k suits. Which I think you can find $10K suits… but still.


What is he doing that he spends 20k on housekeeping ? freakin animal


The rug on his head ain’t half bad neither.


I saw tons of high-end rug stores in Los Angeles in particular, and I have generally been very suspicious of them as money laundering joints or at least tax dodges.

Who the hell buys that many antique rugs? And how often? Less often than furniture even, I would imagine.


Hah, that does makes much more sense. But man I can’t even imagine spending 1k on a suit…


Rich people are weird. Just go to the local damaged freight store and get something nice for a couple grand for the entire house.


–Payments related to three Range Rovers: $163,705.

Dang! Those Range Rovers are more expensive to maintain than my Mini Cooper was!


Maybe he always knew his retirement would be provided by the Federal penitentiary system, and he just lived for the moment.


Hint: the stores are advertising “USEDRUGS HERE”… I have a few guesses.


Range Rovers not only tell the world you are rich enough to afford a Range Rover, but that you are rich enough that you are never required to be somewhere at a certain time.


Dry cleaning is fucking expensive, after all.


There is an antique rug store in my neighborhood that has been there for at least a decade. Never seen it open. After about a month of walking by daily, I realized it had to be a front.


Many people here think he actually possessed all this stuff, but he’s being charged with money laundering.

Hence my comment that it may appear he bought this stuff, but the invoices are just a way to get the money clean so he can get it into some other account.


Besides all this totally not suspicious spending, here’s some other totally not suspicious behaviour that contributed to the decision that he isn’t a flight risk:


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