Paul Manafort wants to remove his ankle monitor, offers his Trump Tower condo as collateral

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You know, this would be a great time for Trump to be consistent in his support of civil asset forfeiture. As we’ve seen from the news last week, this was very likely bought with dirty money.


You do the crime, you do the time.


Yeah, this turkey’ll be in the wind sooner or later.


He’s on a sub to Russia the first chance he gets.


I’ve actually been really excited about this, because money laundering laws are REALLY punitive, and Trump’s real estate businesses have been well-known to have an overabundance of Russians for some reason…

But long story short, money laundering laws allows for the courts to fine you up to double the amount laundered (not your cut, the whole amount that passed through your hands!). Bear in mind also that you usually get to keep 1/3 or less of the laundered money, so that’s really a 6x penalty on whatever money you got caught moving!

And Trump’s a crappy businessman, and he’s been doing this probably for a long time. There’s been a number of accusations and highly suspect deals he’s been involved in for decades, and for um… Some reason… Nobody busted him for it. I suspect he agreed to inform on others to keep his own ass out of the fire, but bribery on his part is also plausible, so who knows for sure.

Anyway, my point is that if they really start digging into the books of TrumpCo and charging him and his family, he stands to lose hundreds of millions easily. That would force him to liquidate any assets he’s got, as well as sell off rights to using his name and so on, basically busting him down to destitute, or as much as a rich guy ever can be in this day and age.


It’s like a surprise new season of Arrested Development.


Innocent until proven guilty.

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Sooner, as in 1 hr after the ankle bracelet is removed. The escape will cost him a chunk of the cash he has stashed overseas, but there’ll still be plenty left, especially if Putin uses some pocket change to compensate him for the assets he’ll be leaving behind.



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If he has the resources to escape the country, why wouldn’t he just cut it off and go? Or wrap his leg in foil and go? Its not really designed to keep a supervillain confined, like if the bracelet were a James Bond Device that will kill him if it loses signal.


He’s a grifter like his boss. Part of the fun is putting one over on the American people without expending a lot of effort. Plus he needs a little lead time to get to the boat or sub.


The Feds would be on him in minutes.

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They are going to notice when the signal drops.

Good question? I would guess that this also causes the signal to drop. Probably requires contact with skin or something?

I should ask a friend of mine. He used to work as a call center guy for convicts with said ankle bracelets, who also had a web cam set up in their house–required to stay within range of the camera/base station and check in every so often with visual confirmation. He has some very amusing stories.

ETA: Here we go

As connected as this guy is, he’s probably mulling over a cut-and-run scenario where he hops into an unmarked black limo outside if he can’t get them to take off the monitor.


How do you figure? Out the door, vanish into the NYC streets. The security cam facial recognition system is not what TV leads you to believe.

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He’s still under active investigation, silly. I doubt he’s more than 100 meters from an on-duty agent as we speak.

Is it possible? Sure. Is it easier than if he was wearing no anklet at all? Nope.

I seriously doubt that. I don’t think that’s how this system works. They’d sooner keep him locked up than have a 24 hr detail on him. Thats 3 full time LEO.


See my edit above.

That’s immaterial; it’s not going to be easier with the anklet attached. And you think they don’t have Manafort wired for sight and sound, eh?

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1-disable monitor
2-walk out into crowded NYC street.

Total, not more than 5 minutes. How fast do you think they can really respond???

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The facial recognition isn’t, but the people watching the ports and bridges are. If he has to cut the bracelet, he has minutes before every news outlet in the country is blasting his image as he tries to escape one of the most surveilled cities on earth. In contrast if the bracelet is already off, he hops in his car and drives to a “friend’s” yacht somewhere halfway down the coast.It changes the risk calculus.