Mueller says Manafort violated his plea deal by lying to investigators

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Manafart screws the pooch! Video at 5!


Who could have guessed that a Trump acolyte would turn out to be the kind of person to lie under oath?


Maybe someone offered him something better than a plea bargain.


And ladies and gentlemen, if you switch your attention to the third ring of this Presidential Circus, witness Manafort the Dancing Assclown.


He may get a pardon. If he does, then he can be forced to cooperate or be tossed back in prison for contempt. And then there are State charges queued up and waiting which Donny Two Scoops can’t pardon him for.


Grifters gonna keep on grifting.


This kind of makes it seem like Mueller is losing the initiative.

If Trump pardons Manafort it makes Trump look guiltier on the “obstruction” claims and still doesn’t save Manafort from state charges. Which is not to say it won’t happen.


More like Manafort rolled a critical failure on his counter-attack and shot himself in the foot…



I guess we’ll see. It seems like Manafort may have intentionally undermined Mueller’s campaign. If Mueller’s case is weak or completely wrecked, Trump will be able to pardon Manafort after the fact without obstructing the investigation. Manafort will probably be happy to take his chances with a new trial in New York instead of the decade in prison he currently faces.

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So this means that the special prosecutor will throw the book at him. He should expect to be in prison for a long time, in practice the rest of his life. This is a really dumb move unless you know that a pardon is coming. Even in that case this is not a move I would make in their shoes. You can only lose in the court of public opinion.


It’s like it’s hardwired in, isn’t? They can’t stop, even when it’s in their best interest.


Jesus this guy is incredibly stupid.

Goes for a plea deal after he’s convicted and has zero leverage. Now invalidates his own deal when there are tons of state level charges that will be brought that Donnie can’t pardon.

So - you were actually able to make tens of millions as a consultant? I’m in the wrong business.



I’m again at a total loss here… So what information could Mueller have now that didn’t have before, that proves Manafort lied? Did the written answers from Trump’s lawyers contradict Manafort? Were these lies to protect himself or Trump?

I guess it could be some nth degrees chess or something, but I continue to believe it’s stupid, incompetent avarice all the way down…


Remember this is the guy who couldn’t figure out how to convert his accounting statements from PDF into word so he could commit fraud, so he emailed them to an accomplice. These people are like the Beagle Boys.


More like Manafort tried to undermine Mueller and got caught. Mueller is looking more and more like the “5-dimensional chess” guy that Two Scoops and some of his supporters pretend to be. Or at least, the comical ineptitude demonatrated by the folks Mueller interviews makes him look that much better by comparison.

The whole case seems less like trying to bring down a corrupt thug, a la Nixon, than trying to corral a classroom full of 8-year-old hopped up on Choco-Frosted Sugar Bombs mixed with Red Bull. No one of them presents a real threat, but they’re all screaming incoherently at the top of their lungs and running around at top speed, utterly heedless of getting hurt while they desperately scramble to avoid getting sent to The Naughty Corner…


I think that’s a pretty solid analysis, but Mueller is trying to build a case based (for all I know) on their testimony, and they’re the least credible witnesses humanity has to offer. And now Mueller’s filing court documents saying that his star witness lied to him. I am concerned. It feels like a weak position.

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