Foreign governments, prison contractors, US lawmakers spend big bucks with Trump to curry favor


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The kleptocracies of the world are always eager to welcome in a new member of the club, and there are plenty of local scumbags willing to help the process along.


History will regard the citizens of our era as among the dumbest, most greedy people to have lived in the country. How has this rampant thief and degenerate survived a year in office without being arrested and put in prison. I still hope that he is tried and imprisoned even though we will then have to deal with that theocrat pence. God spare us, we are so screwed up and still have his fawning followers worshipping every vile noise that emanates from his foul body.



Ewwwww is that Ivanka’s pic on the wall?? Next to the “hand” lotion?


Well, it does get on your hand when you do that right? Well, at least one of them. So yeah, hand lotion!


“We ought to elect a rich guy because then we won’t need to worry about someone who is beholden to special interests,” cry voters who clearly don’t understand how any of it works.


And then there’s the straight-up money laundering, too! His real estate sales have apparently gone from, before the election, something like 4% being sold to shell corporations with unknown owners to something around 70% after the election. What do you bet Trump knows who the owners are, though?


Buying presidential favors is actually kinda cheap.


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