A million dollars in a rug store - and other ways Paul Manafort spent his allegedly ill-gotten fortune


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He does look dapper.


The most messed up part in the listing here is that there is not enough Real Estate or Securities investment happening. He spent it on stuff…stuff that depreciates hard in value.

it just shows he’s stupid in my book.


How can you spend nearly $850K at a mens clothes store? I mean, shit. The rest I could see, even at $10k for a suit, which is insane, that’s 85 suits. They must sell something like expensive watches and cuff links or something, right?


Sounds legit. Not a kickback or ginned up receipt in the lot.


How come nobody ever asks me to launder their money for them? I’ll do it gently by hand, in my kitchen sink using some fancy aroma-free soap and air dry them in my living room.

What could go wrong.


Lots of cash transactions, lots of portable assets, lots of real estate, lots of “gifts.” The only thing missing is a car wash, a fried-chicken restaurant, or an actual laundry.


Maybe he bought the world’s only sea silk suit?

Well, y’know, after you wear them once they lose their freshness and you have to throw them out. Or something.

Or maybe the whole men’s clothing store is secretly a front for a prostitution ring, along with half the other items in the list.



What is great is that organized crime needs lots of vehicles to accomplish intimidation, stalking and harassment. So having to spend and launder money into cars is a great investment for them because they are a useful tool for accomplishing those tasks.


I’m having trouble with the 3.5 million at a home improvement store. Jesus Christ, you could tear down and rebuild your Mcmansion from scratch for that much.


He was buying solid gold toilets for every bathroom of the mansion: classy “gifts” he knew his boss would love.


He should’ve hired Marty Byrde.

It may say solid gold toilets on the invoice, but what was really installed?


Don’t forget the nail salon and laser tag!


See I can see that based on fancy materials or custom carved what ever. Refrigerators you can down load porn on and jerk off while getting some milk.

But the more I think about it, there has to be jewelry involved. Clothes just don’t cost that much.


They’re high on the same bullshit.

Though I assume only one of them is laughing today.



Yeah but there are like 260 workdays a year. Surely you don’t expect him to just wear the same suits over and over?


Reminds me of an early piece by Hunter S. Thompson: he was covering the Pulitzer divorce trial in the 80’s. As a result of discovery there was all kinds of details on their expenses. But what struck him was $400k marked “miscellaneous.” “They spent $400,000 on things they don’t remember?”