A new contender for "World's Biggest Dinosaur"


The excitement those photos gave me almost pushed me over the edge to make a very juveneille, snarky pun about the effect the photos had over my anatomy.

I will leave the construction of said pun/joke as an exercise for the reader.


Thank you for your maturity, good reader.

Its a hard impulse to control at times, but I enjoy your posts too much to sully them (…much)

Looks like evidence supporting the Bible – only a flood of Biblical proportions could drown and move a herd of those beasties. :wink:

Poe Poe Poe

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Walked through the Smithsonian Natural History museum this weekend and was saddened to find that the dino exhibits were closed for renovations. Apart from that, the giant elephant in the central dome is giant, but I’d like to see how it sized up against one of these behemoths…

One thing I noticed, every other web article on this mentions that it’s 40 meters long and 20 meters high.
Maybe, but not at the same time…
It’s 40 meters long when stretched out head and tail (As the Monty Python skit goes, thin at one end, much much thicker in the middle, and thin again at the other end).
It’s 20 meters high when that neck is stretched upward…at which point, it’s no longer 40 meters long!


Maybe this already exists (point me to it if it does!) but if anyone has some free time, it would be cool if there were a blog that described these kinds of times from the perspective of, say, a newspaper headline. Something like “Whole family perishes in massive flash flood, more on page 3”

You have another chance to display your remarkable restraint…
The fierce bird dance moves of the American Woodcock - Boing Boing

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Oh dear, I really don’t need this kind of reputation. I will go silently giggle in the corner. :slight_smile:

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